Santa Barbara Area Parks


In open space parks, land is protected and managed as a natural environment with passive recreation value and minimal development.

  • Douglas Family Preserve: A large open-space area donated to the City that sits above Arroyo Burro Beach. Trails and scenic ocean views.  Map
  • Equestrian Circle: Open space used as a drop-in equestrian riding ring. In reality this is a tiny plot of tick-infested weeds that is mowed twice a year, and only a few horses a year use it.  Map
  • Hidden Valley Park: This partially developed, partially wild park offers a lawn, barbecue facilities, playground rated for two- to five-yearolds, and creekside walking path.  Map
  • Honda Valley Park: Open space parkland with hiking trails through large shade trees and California Coast Live Oak.  Map
  • Gould Park: Open space parkland and a trail head for Cold Spring Trail.  Map
  • Laurel Canyon Park: This open space, tucked back in a neighborhood area, is ideal for an informal softball game.  Map
  • More Mesa Open Space: More Mesa Open Space is one of the most outstanding beach side natural areas in the county. Its open grasslands provide both valuable habitat and miles of informal trails. With sweeping views of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the coast, More Mesa is fronted by one of the largest and most pristine white sand beaches on Santa Barbara County's South Coast.  Map
  • Parma Park: This natural open space park features hiking, walking and equestrian trails, vista points, creekside habitats, and abundant wildlife. Mountain bikes are limited to the fire road.  Map
  • Rattlesnake Canyon: Adjacent to Skofield Park, Rattlesnake Canyon includes Rattlesnake Trail, a popular hiking and equestrian destination that connects with other front country trails. Mountain biking is not allowed.  Map
  • San Marcos Foothills Preserve: This 200-acre nature preserve features walking trails through hills, meadows & canyons.  Map


These are developed parks of natural, cultural, or ornamental quality suited to outdoor recreation such as bird watching, walking, and picnicking.

  • Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden: This “crown jewel” of City parks features a large botanical collection, koi pond, sensory garden with audio posts and interpretive Braille signs, picnic areas, and a gazebo.  Map
  • Ambassador Park: Located across from West Beach, this small park has a scenic view of the harbor, wharf, and islands. This park location is a historic marker for Burton Mound, a former Chumash Village.  Map
  • Courthouse Sunken Gardens: This magnificent Spanish-Moorish "palace" was built in 1929 and is surrounded by lawns and a sunken tropical garden that plays host to many functions throughout the year. Hardly a Sunday afternoon goes by that a festival, concert or get together of some sort isn't taking advantage of the beauty of this setting. Even if there is not an event going on, the Sunken Gardens is a very popular park for people who live or work downtown.  Map
  • Franceschi Park: Originally the home of famed botanist Francesco Franceschi, the grounds of this park offer unmatched views of the city below, and contain a rare botanical collection.  Map
  • Mission Historical Park: The park consists of ruins of Mission Santa Barbara’s old reservoir, aqueduct, tannery vats, filter house, grist mill, pottery, and the A. C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden with over 1,500 roses. Large grassy areas include a reservable reception area.  Map
  • Moreton Bay Fig Tree: Planted in the nineteenth century, this tree is one of the largest of its kind in the nation, with a trunk measuring 38 feet in circumference.  Map
  • Orpet Park: The park has ocean views, rare plants and trees, picnic tables, and walking paths.  Map
  • San Roque Park: Triangular street median neighborhood park with grassy area and large shade trees.  Map


Neighborhood parks are small and typically serve a limited geographic area and local population. Community gardens are included in this category.

  • Bath Street Pocket Park: A small neighborhood park with benches and a playground. The playground is rated for two- to five-year-olds.  Map
  • Bohnett Park: A neighborhood park with large shady trees, playground rated for five- to twelve-year-olds, picnic areas, and native plants.  Map
  • Eastside Neighborhood Park: This neighborhood park is a popular location for barbecues and birthday parties, with plenty of shade, a playground rated for two- to five-year-olds, and an on-site restroom. Close to the Franklin Neighborhood Center. The Yanonali Community Garden is located here, with plots available for rent.  Map
  • Escondido Park: Picturesque city vistas, walking paths, a half-size basketball court and playground rated for two- to five-year olds are features of this park located on the Mesa. Stately trees and attractive wild flowers add to the beauty of this unique site.  Map
  • Hilda McIntyre Ray Park: A small park with beautiful views of the city and Santa Ynez mountains that can be enjoyed from the picnic tables or the playground area. The playground is rated for two- to five-year-olds.  Map
  • Sylvan Park: A small neighborhood park overlooking the city and a good place for some quiet reading, an informal picnic, or a quick walk with a dog.  Map
  • La Mesa Park: This lush neighborhood park features a playground rated for five- to twelve-year-olds, reservable picnic sites, towering trees, and a short walk to an ocean view.  Map
  • Los Robles Park: A grassy creekside park with a scenic play and relaxation area.  Map
  • Parqué de los Niños & Children’s Orchard: This tiny gem of a neighborhood park features hand-painted tiles by local children, a playground rated for both two- to five-year-olds and five- to twelve-year-olds, children’s orchard, vegetable garden, and lawn areas.  Map
  • Plaza Vera Cruz: Santa Barbara’s first City park, this downtown plaza features a playground rated for five- to twelve-year-olds and an open lawn area with large eucalyptus, palms and rare Montezuma Cypress trees.  Map
  • Stevens Park: A canyon park reaching up San Roque Canyon to the historic trails of the Santa Ynez Range. Playground rated for two- to five-year-olds, creekside and hiking trails through San Roque Canyon, and reservable picnic and barbecue sites.  Map
  • Sunflower Park: This quaint neighborhood park contains a playground rated for five- to twelve-year-olds, benches, and many colorful plants and trees. It is often used by young families and is popular for its pleasant landscaping.  Map
  • Willowglen Park: In the autumn, this neighborhood park is one of the most colorful in the area as the leaves on the trees change color before falling. The park has a playground rated for two- to five-year-olds, an informal ball field, and a grassy area.  Map


These areas provide access to the ocean and sand for passive and active recreation.

  • East Beach: The beachfront at East Beach offers picnic facilities, a playground, more than 12 volleyball courts, and a full service restaurant. The Cabrillo Pavilion Bathhouse offers showers, lockers, a weight room, and beach wheelchair and volleyball rentals.  Map
  • Leadbetter Beach: Large beach and park adjacent to the Santa Barbara Harbor and Shoreline Park. Many catamaran sailors and wind surfers use this beach. Reservable grassy picnic and barbecue sites.  Map
  • West Beach: Situated between Stearns Wharf and the harbor, this beach offers a sandy area for sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and beach volleyball. Large palm trees and a wide walkway and bike path make this beachfront area a popular tourist spot.  Map
  • Mesa Lane Steps: The only access to the beach for one mile in either direction.  Map
  • More Mesa Open Space: More Mesa Open Space is one of the most outstanding beach side natural areas in the county. Its open grasslands provide both valuable habitat and miles of informal trails. With sweeping views of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the coast, More Mesa is fronted by one of the largest and most pristine white sand beaches on Santa Barbara County's South Coast.  Map
  • Thousand Steps: Coastal access to the beach below, originally constructed in 1923.  Map
  • Shoreline Steps: Coastal access to the beach below Shoreline Park.  Map


These multi-use parks are often where special, pre-arranged activities and themed recreational activities and festivals occur.

  • Alameda Plaza & Kids World: Alameda Plaza is one of the City’s oldest parks. The park features unique rare trees, a bandstand, and is the home of Kids’ World, an 8,000-square-foot playground rated for two- to twelve-year olds and featuring a castle, swings, and slides. Reservable children’s party and picnic sites.  Map
  • Chase Palm Park - Ocean Side: A narrow park adjacent to East Beach with a soccer field and bike path/walkway from Stearns Wharf to East Beach, home of the Arts and Crafts show.  Map
  • Chase Palm Park - Mountain Side: This 10-acre later addition to the park features fountains, a lagoon, and a playground with a shipwreck theme, which is rated for both two- to five-year-olds and five- to twelve-year-olds. The stage is home to Concerts in the Park, a City free summer concert series. Indoor and outdoor areas are popular rental sites for parties and weddings.  Map
  • De La Guerra Plaza: Located in the heart of downtown close to the Paseo Nuevo shopping mall, this cozy grass plaza has park benches and is the site of many public celebrations. Close to local cafés and shops on State Street.  Map
  • Elings Park: Elings Park is a private, non-profit park with numerous recreation areas and incredible views of the city and ocean. From weddings and special events to sports and recreation, Elings offers a variety of activities guaranteed to create enjoyable days for all.  Map
  • Oak Park: A popular picnic and recreation site. Home to a variety of cultural festivals. Playgrounds rated for two- to five-year-olds and five- to twelve-year olds, two public tennis courts, an outdoor raised wooden dance floor, horseshoe pits, and reservable picnic and barbecue sites. An 18-inch deep wading pool for children ages seven and younger is open June–August with an on-duty lifeguard.  Map
  • Ortega Park: A family-oriented park with a youth softball field, outdoor basketball courts, playground rated for five- to twelve-year-olds, and a four-foot-deep pool (open in summer only) with on-duty lifeguard. Reservable indoor kitchen and outdoor picnic and barbecue sites.  Map
  • Plaza del Mar: One of the oldest City parks, Plaza del Mar is near the harbor and Los Baños del Mar Swimming Pool, with grassy areas, a band shell, and shade trees. The park has shared use with Santa Barbara City College for sports activities.  Map
  • Rocky Nook Park: Just past the historic landmark Santa Barbara Mission, Rocky Nook Park includes towering trees, shaded picnic areas, short trails, and the area is strewn with large sandstone boulders.  Map
  • Shoreline Park: One of the most popular parks overlooking the beach and harbor. A playground rated for two- to five-year-olds, large grassy areas, walking paths, views of the Channel Islands and whale watching, a sister-city Japanese garden, and a stairway to the beach. Reservable picnic and barbecue areas.  Map
  • Skofield Park: Nestled high in the foothills, this park boasts grassy meadows, walking and hiking trails, numerous native shade trees, and reservable picnic and barbecue sites.  Map
  • Tucker's Grove Park: San Antonio Creek meanders through this oak woodland environment, where group outings of up to 400 people, are popular. Hikers may take the long creek side trail to San Marcos Pass. The upper Kiwanis Meadows provides a sizable grassy area often used for wedding receptions. Amenities include Ball Fields, BBQ Grills, Benches or Picnic Tables, Bike Trails, Equestrian Trails, Group Picnic Areas, Hiking Trails, Horseshoes, Playground, and Restrooms.  Map


These are mainly outdoor facilities where recreational activities and organized sports and tournaments occur and may include related buildings and parking areas.

  • Cabrillo Ball Park: This softball field has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and is the site of Herbert Bayer’s Chromatic Gate sculpture.  Map
  • Carrillo Street Gym: Next to Carrillo Recreation Center city landmark. Available to rent for sporting activities.  Map
  • Dwight Murphy Field: This sports area has one softball field, one soccer field, bleachers, a fitness circuit-training course, and a playground rated for both two- to five-year-olds and five- to twelve-year-olds.  Map
  • Los Baños del Mar Swimming Pool & West Beach Wading Pool: Los Baños del Mar Swimming Pool is a 50-meter outdoor swimming facility near the harbor. Lap swimming and open swim; please check schedule. On-duty lifeguards, lockers, spring board, starting blocks. Seven lanes, 31/2 feet to 10 feet deep. There is also a playground rated for two- to five-year-olds.  Map
  • MacKenzie Park: A two-level park with lawn bowling greens, a clubhouse, a reservable facility with kitchen, fireplace, barbecue pit, and large patio adjacent to open playing fields. The park also has a playground rated for two- to five-year-olds and two youth baseball fields. At the east end of the park is a fenced off-leash dog area.  Map
  • Municipal Tennis Center: Twelve hard tennis courts. Three lighted courts until 9pm Monday–Friday. Racket stringing, equipment rentals, and locker facilities.  Map
  • Pershing Park: Two softball fields and one baseball field adjacent to eight lighted hard tennis courts. Courts open to the public weekends and after 5pm weekdays. Four courts lit until 9pm Monday–Friday.  Map
  • Skater’s Point Skate Park: This 14,600-square-foot skate park is located along the waterfront. Features include a half-pipe, rails, fun boxes, and other skating elements. Helmets and elbow and knee pads required at all times. Admission is free.  Map
  • Spencer Adams Park: This downtown park features lawn bowling greens. The park is home to the Louise Lowry Davis Center.  Map


  • Andamar Park: Andamar Way & Dara Road in Goleta. Amenities include Open Field, Picnic Tables, and a Playground.  Map
  • Armitos Park: Armitos Avenue & South Kellogg Avein Goleta. Amenities include Open Field, and a Playground.  Map
  • Bella Vista I & II Parks: Placer Drive & Padova Drive in Goleta. Amenities include Barbeques, Open Field, Picnic Tables, and a Playground.  Map
  • Berkeley Park: 5740 Berkeley Road in Goleta. Amenities include Open Field, Picnic Tables, Sand Box, and a Tennis Court. The park is completely surrounded by houses and a school. There are 2 hard-to-see cement pathways, between homes, that give you access to the park. One is on Berkeley, the other is on Arundel.  Map
  • Brandon Park: Brandon Drive & Calle Real in Goleta. No amenities as this park is small gully with eucalyptus trees.  Map
  • Calle Barquero Open Space: 5100 University Drive in Goleta. Amenities include grass lawn, benches, playground and picnic tables.  Map
  • Coal Oil Point Reserve: The Coal Oil Point Reserve is part of the University of California Natural Reserve System. In the heart of the reserve, Devereux Slough is a seasonally flooded tidal lagoon that dries out in the summer to form salt flats and hypersaline ponds, and channels. Several hiking trails navigate the reserve. Closest parking is where Camino Majorca Road meets the ocean in Isla Vista.  Map
  • Deckers Park: 355 Coromar Avenue in Goleta. This hidden gem overlooks the airport and is the best place to watch airplanes take off as they fly right over the park at low altitude. Amenties include Basket Ball Courts, Grass Field, Picnic Tables, and a Volleybal Court.  Map
  • Ellwood Trails: 7801 Hollister Avenue in Goleta. The Ellwood Mesa Coastal Trails and includes 2.1 miles of coastal trails on the Ellwood Mesa/Sperling Preserve Open Space (Ellwood Mesa).  Map
  • Evergreen Acres Park: Evergreen Drive & Brandon Driive in Goleta. Amenities include Baseball / Softball Field, Disc Golf, Horseshoe Pits, Pickleball Court, Picnic Tables, and a Tennis Court  Map
  • Girsh Park: 7050 Phelps Road in Goleta. The most popular park in Goleta, amenities include Barbeques, Baseball / Softball Field, Basketball Court, Open Field, Picnic Tables, Playground, and a Restroom.  Map
  • Goleta Beach Park: 5986 Sandspit Road in Goleta. This is Goleta's primary beach park. hough the beach is not within the City of Goleta boundaries, it is only a half mile away. Amenities include a Beach, Biking, Horseshoe Pits, Parking On Site, Picnic Tables, Pier, Playground, Reservable Areas, Restaurant, and Restrooms.  Map
  • Goleta Butterfly Grove: 7801 Hollister Avenue in Goleta. Beginning in October each year, Monarch Butterflies migrate from their summer homes and congregate in massive colonies that roost in the canopy of the area known as the Goleta Butterfly Grove/Ellwood Main.  Map
  • Kellogg Open Space and Tennis Courts: North Kellogg Avenue in Goleta. Amenities include tennis courts, a natural area with trees, benches, and a playground.  Map
  • Lake Los Carneros: 163 North La Patera Lane in Goleta. Local history and nature meet at Lake Los Carneros, a popular family and dog friendly open space in Goleta. The park, part of the historic Rancho La Patera, offers visitors a chance to stroll along the lake, wander into wilderness, visit an 1873 Victorian home named Stow House, and even ride a train and the nearby Goleta Depot.  Map
  • Lassen Open Space: 57 Lassen Drive in Goleta. Amenities include lawn, benches, and picnic tables.  Map
  • Mathilda Park: 311 Mathilda Drive in Goleta. Amenities include Picnic Tables and a Playground.  Map
  • Nectarine Park: Nectarine Avenue& Mandarin Drive in Goleta. Amenities include benches with a playground and swing.  Map
  • Patterson Open Space: 500 Calle Aparejo in Goleta. Amenities include a lawn and benches.  Map
  • Rhoads Neighborhood Park: Rhoads Avenue and South San Marco Road. This 1 acre park includes a lawn, benches, and a playground.  Map
  • San Miguel Park: Rio Vista Drive & Winchester Canyon Road. Amenities include Open Field, Picnic Tables, and a Playground.  Map
  • Santa Barbara Shores Park: Santa Barbara Shores Drive & Anchor Drive. Amenities include Picnic Tables and a Playground.  Map
  • Sperling Preserve at Ellwood Mesa: 7727 Hollister Avenue in Goleta. The Ellwood Mesa area features miles of relatively flat trails, two beach access points, abundant wildlife and a major Monarch butterfly habitat.  Map
  • Stow Canyon Tennis Courts: Muirfield Drive & Valdez Avenue in Goleta. Amenities include Open Field, Picnic Tables, Tennis Court.  Map
  • Stow Grove Park: 580 North La Patera Lane in Goleta. This is a beautiful park with stunning redwood groves and native plants, and sycamore, oak and eucalyptus trees. Amenities include a softball field, two volleyball courts, horseshoes, open lawn, playground, restrooms, barbecue grills, benches and picnic tables. It is an ideal park for a family or company picnic.  Map
  • Tabano Hollow Open Space: 5100 University Drive in Goleta. Amenities include lawn and benches.  Map
  • Tarragona Open Space: Also known as Blueberry Hill Neighborhood Park, it is located at 635 North San Marcos Road in Goleta. Amenities include a lawn and benches.  Map
  • Thunderbird Open Space: On Walnut Lane in Goleta. A 1 acre grass park.  Map
  • University Circle Open Space: Merida Drive in Goleta. Amenities include 1.5 acre lawn, playground, ball backstop, benches, and picnic tables. A hiking trail to foot bridge that connects to Kellogg Tennis Courts.  Map
  • Wallis Park: 170 South Kellogg Avenue. Also known as Old Town Park and Hollister Kellogg Park, this recreation area is first class. Includes skatepark, field, covered, picnic area, huge playground, basketball courts, ping pong table, and restrooms.  Map
  • Winchester I Park: Calle Real & Bradford Drive in Goleta. Amenities include an open field a a very small playground.  Map
  • Winchester II Park: Calle Real & Jenna Drive in Goleta. Amenities include Open Field, Picnic Tables, and a Playground.  Map


  • Anisq'Oyo' Park: This popular park was the first community-instituted park in Isla Vista and is located in the heart of town and features a drinking fountain, a windmill, a pond with assorted wildlife, lawns, picnic tables, a playground, and an amphitheater (with restrooms, electrical outlets and a stage).  Map
  • Camino Corto Open Space: This 20 acre passive preserve next to Isla Vista Elementary School offers no facilities but contains native plants, vernal pools, trails, and a small creek with bridge.  Map
  • Camino Pescadero Park: Camino Pescadero offers a recreational lawn, walkways, benches, picnic tables, informative signs, and a drinking fountain. An outdoor shower is a favorite with surfers and beachgoers. Camino Pescadero offers and great view of the ocean.  Map
  • Children's Park: Built in an area of Isla Vista with many families, Children's Park contains benchesm a gazebo, a playground, a handball court, and a grass picnic area.  Map
  • Del Playa Open Space: This open space at the end of Camino Lindo was purchased to preserve open space along the densely populated blufftop. It is part of the natural and educational vernal pool projects.  Map
  • Del Sol Vernal Pool Reserve: Bordering El Colegio, Camino Corto Roads and the Tahitian Apartments, this 12 acre open space includes vernal pools, native plants, and short nature trails.  Map
  • Estero Park: One of the largest parks in Isla Vista, Estero Park runs the length of Estero Road between Camino Del Sur and Camino Corto. Recreation options include outdoor basketball court, sports field/disc golf course, a playground, the organic Community Gardens Project, the Isla Vista Teen Cente, and an iconic Red Barn.  Map
  • Gaffney Park: A very small undeveloped area immediately to the west of Sea Lookout Park.  Map
  • Greek Park: This empty lot at the corner of Embarcadero Del Norte and Segovia offers picnic tables, a well-worn basketball court, two volleyball courts, and an art wall on its southern border. Several local Greek houses in Isla Vista use Greek Park for volleyball tournaments and fundraising events.  Map
  • Kid's Trail Park: This park runs from Isla Vista Elementary School, past Tierra De Fortuna Park, and over to Pasado Road. The trail is popular school children and locals who find it the quickest way to get to the beach area without having to walk on busy Isla Vista streets.  Map
  • Little Acorn Park: This park is two blocks from the ocean at the end of the horseshoe formed by the joining of Embarcadero Del Mar and Embarcadero Del Norte. Little Acorn Park offers a grassy area and picnonc tables.  Map
  • Pardall Gardens: Located on busy Pardall, this empty lot park contains picnic tables and landscaping.  Map
  • Pelican Park: The fabulously landscaped Pelican Park offers grassy knolls, stone benches, a drinking fountain, a ping pong table, and educational signs about marine wildlife that can be observed from the bluffs including dolphins, whales, and pelicans.  Map
  • People's Park: Just south of Anisq’Oyo’, near the curve formed by the joining of Embarcadero Del Mar and Embarcadero Del Norte, the well-landscaped People's Park offers a lawn, picnic benches, and a practice basket for those playing disc golf.  Map
  • Perfect Park: This beautifully landscaped park is located at the base of the Embarcadero Loop and was built by volunteers to be a relaxing urban getaway. It offers paths, grass, and a monument commemorating the peace activism in Isla Vista that began in the 1970s and continues to this day.  Map
  • Rottappel Park: This is the narrow open space between Sea Lookout Park and Walter Capps Park. This empty lot came into being when the bluffs eroded to the point that the land could no longer support an apartment without it falling into the sea. Every apartment on Del Playa will one day follow Rottappel Park's lead.  Map
  • Sea Lookout Park: The largest ocean-side park in Isla Vista is owned by Santa Barbara County. This wide grassy stretch on Del Playa is used by hundreds of students every day. It offers a picnic area, a volleyball court, and wooden lounge chair-like structures that provide a confortable way to sun tan and view the ocean. Sea Lookout Park also has a plaque commemorating The Isla Vista Tree which fell into the ocean at that spot during the storms of 1983. It was large cypress that was once a symbol of Isla Vista’s quest for self-governance.  Map
  • Sueño Orchard: This orchard contains many varieties of fruiting trees, non-fruiting trees, flowers, and greenery. The Isla Vista disc golf course begins at Sueno Orchard.  Map
  • Sueño Park: This small park is half way between Camino Del Sur and Camino Pescadero on Sueño Road and includes a young childrens playground and picnic tables with wheelchair accessibility.  Map
  • Tierra de Fortuna Park: This park is on the Kids’ Trail and is located at the end of Fortuna Road on the far west end of Isla Vista. Tierra De Fortuna features a gazebo, picnic tables, a drinking fountain, swings, a slide, a springy seesaw, a large dinosaur-shaped jungle gym to climb on, and a merry-go-round. A merry-go-round is very rarely found at parks on the South Coast and is very popular with kids. Tierra de Fortuna Park is frequently rented for birthday parties.  Map
  • Tipi Village: This park is landscaped with natural plants and is located next to the red barn and community gardens at Estero Park. The park name comes from the fact that the area was once the site of an experiment in living sustainably in which people formed a compound of Tipis. Tipi Village now home to trees and holes on the Isla Vista disc golf course.  Map
  • Trigo-Pasado Park: This park is locally famous for its 11-foot practice climbing boulder, complete with overhang. Alex Honnold would have loved it as a kid. Trigo-Pasado Park offers a grass area, a picnic table, and a drinking fountain. As its name suggests, it also serves as a pathway for those walking between Trigo and Pasado Roads.  Map
  • Walter Capps Park: This park is named after former congressman Walter Capps who took a special interest helping Isla Vista. When Walter Capps passed away unexpectedly his wife Lois Capps took over his seat for the next 20 years. The county of Santa Barabara, which owns this featureless landscape with an amazing view of the ocean, has approved plans to develop the park and add modern amenities.  Map
  • Window To The Sea: This park gets its from from the fact that it is a scenic gap on the bluffs in an otherwise densely populated stretch of Del Playa Drive. Window to the Sea has a grass lawn, is filled with lush plantings, and features a two-seater swing chair on the edge of the bluff with an amazing view of the ocean.  Map


  • Andrée Clark Bird Refuge: The 29-acre lake provides a safe haven for migratory and local birds. A multi-modal path, interpretive self-guided tours, docks, and walking trails make this a popular spot.  Map
  • Hale Park: An open space park with trails through oak woodland area. Dogs are allowed off-leash.  Map
  • Hammond's Meadow: Also referred to as Shalawa Meadow, Hammond's Meadow has no facilities and is right on the beach. During summer months the meadow is mowed to bare ground reducing the natural aesthetic. Access is via a trail at the southern end of Eucalyptus Lane.  Map
  • Manning Park: Manning Park is a beautiful recreation area in the heart of Montecito. Manning Park in Montecito has a diversity of amenities including ball fields, barbeque grills, benches, picnic tables, group picnic areas, horseshoes, playgrounds, restrooms, a tennis court, and a volleyball court. Manning Park is divided down the middle by San Ysidro Road.  Map


  • Lookout Park: Evans Avenue and Wallace Avenue in Summerland. Lookout Park is the main beachfront park in Summerland, located up on a bluff with a south-facing view. Amenities include a Beach, Horseshoe Pits, Parking On Site, Picnic Tables, Playground, Reservable Areas, and Restrooms.  Map
  • Oceanview Park: 100 Greenwell Avenue in Summerland. Amenities include Benches, Grass Field and Picnic Tables.  Map
  • Toro Canyon Park: 576 Toro Canyon Park in Summerland. Tucked in the hills above Montecito, this 74-acre park provides respite from civilization. The trail departing from a picnic area leads you to an overlook gazebo, making the short hike well worth your while. Amenities include BBQ Grills, Benches, Bike Trails, Equestrian Trails, Group Picnic Areas, Hiking Trails, Horseshoes, Picnic Tables, Playground, and Restrooms.  Map