Dogs are welcome off leash at Hale Park - a rarity in the Santa Barbara area. At 13 acres, bounded by Camino Viejo on the bottom and Eucalyptus Hill Road on the top, it is a banana-shaped sloped park about 1/4 mile long. There are clusters of oak and eucalyptus trees and fences on most sides except at the bottom. Hale Park gets steep near the top where you are presented with a nice view and a glimpse of the ocean off in the distance. There is no restroom or water available at Hale Park but there is a doggie bag dispenser.

  • Features: Alcohol Allowed, Hiking Trail, Parking On Street, Passive Open Spaces
  • Dog Policy: Dogs Allowed On Leash throughout the park. Dogs Allowed Off Leash throughout the park.

For the majority of those who come to Hale Park, access is from Camino Viejo Road, where there is a dirt pullout for a handful of cars. When accessing from the top of the park bounded by Eucalyptus Hill Road there is six-foot stone wall that lines the road's edge. Usually there are rickety wooden steps that allow you to navigate the stone wall but sometimes they seem to mysteriously disappear.