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Douglas Family Preserve
There are entrances at the ends of Linda Road and Medcliff Road

This beautiful,  undeveloped stretch of park is a prime place for walking humans and dogs.  The view along the bluffs is gorgeous, offering ocean and beach views that are spectacular. 

The history of this park is particularly interesting.  Many of the older locals remember is as the Wilcox property.  As you wander the park, you can still find fire plugs, street curbs and drains that were once planned to support a major housing development but chance and a grassroots movement saved it.

Money was collected but the prospects of success were looking grim, until at the last moment a very large donation came in from Michael Douglas, who then named the park in honor of Kirk Douglas.

Amenities: This park has no restroom or picnic facilities.

Directions: Take the 101 to Carrillo St.  Turn away from the mountains.  Drive until you reach Cliff Drive.  Turn right.  You will come to two stop lights within a block of each other.  Turn left onto Mesa Lane (the second light) and then turn right onto Borton.  Turn left onto Linda and follow it to the end.  There is on street parking.