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Lizard's Mouth

Hiking Distance: 0.32 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 0

Trail Notes & Photos

Parking area and trail head
Vertical rock
Big boulders & cave
Lizard's Mouth rock
Rock climbers inside Lizard's Mouth
View south towards the ocean
View south west

Arched rock
Aerial view

Directions to Trail Head

From the 101 freeway exit San Marcos Pass (Highway 154). Turn towards the mountains. Drive 7.68 miles until you almost reach the top of the mountain.

You will see a sign on the right hand side of the road that says West Camino Cielo with an arrow pointing left. Get in the left turn lane and turn left, exiting Highway 154. You will quickly see a sign that says Kinevan Rd/W Camino Cielo with arrows pointing right. Turn right.

The Lizard's Mouth parking area is 3.67 miles from Highway 154 along West Camino Cielo Rd. Drive all the way to the end of West Camino Cielo Rd until it becomes a dirt road and you see the entrance for Winchester Canyon Gun Club. Turn around and drive about 100 yards back along West Camino Cielo and park on the side of the road.

On the right side of the road you will see a brown, ribbed drainage pipe and an information board. This is where you begin your hike to Lizard's Mouth. The GPS coordinates of the trail head are 34.503078, -119.865743.

Regional Map