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Common Hikes
These are the trails most people take when venturing on a local day hike because their trailheads are quickest to get to from the Santa Barbara area. The hiking distances are round trip.

= recommended

Mountaintop Hikes

When you drive to the top of the mountains in Santa Barbara you reach Camino Cielo Road, which runs east-west along the ridge. Each of these trails starts from the road and continues along the ocean side or inland side of the mountain.

Beach Hikes
These hikes are along Santa Barbara's beautiful coast. Some are along the beach while others are on the top of beachside bluffs. Some of the beach trails can be inaccessible during high tide or your return trip can be cutoff during high tide.
  • Carpinteria Bluffs
  • Ellwood Butterfly Grove
  • Goleta Beach to Ellwood Beach
  • Hendry's Beach to Goleta Beach
  • Refugio Beach to El Capitan


Inland Hikes
Santa Barbara is nestled between the Santa Ynez mountains and the sea. These trail heads are on the inland side of the mountains in the Santa Ynez Valley.
  • Alder Creek Trail
  • Aliso Canyon Trail
  • Devil's Canyon Trail
  • Gibraltar Dam - Mercury Mine
  • Indian Creek Trail
  • Little Pine Mountain - 19 Oaks
  • Red Rock
  • Snyder, Freemont Trail and Knapp's Castle
  • Tequepis Trail