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Santa Barbara and the surrounding area is a treasure trove of activities, restaurants and events that welcome families of all ages.

Whether you're traveling here for vacation and need a restaurant that would welcome 4 children or a local wondering what to do during spring vacation, you will find something here to make everybody happy.

Birthday Fun - Chuck E. Cheese is the "Birthday Capital of the Universe" and you can spend the afternoon there in the nearby city of Ventura.

Family Oriented Events - Santa Barbara has a large number of events that cater to children ranging from parades to races to face painting to special activities.  Discover which ones we've chosen as sure things.

Museums and Attractions -  There are a lot of things to see in this town

Outdoor Activities -  We have whittled the activities down to the best ones for families - a little something for the kids and a little something for the folks.

Great Adventures - Here are some kid-tested ideas for making the most of your day.

Lessons, Lectures and Learning -  Find some planned activities ranging from surf lessons to plant potting to speaking Spanish.  Want to study animation?  How about sending an older child to a weekend workshop?

FAQs -'s Most Frequently Asked Questions about Santa Barbara and family adventure!