Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days Fiesta is an annual community-wide 5-day festival that begins on the Wednesday before the first Friday in August.

The Children's Parade, officially called El Desfile De Los Niños, is organized by the City Parks and Recreation Department. It is one of dozens of events during Santa Barbara's five-day Old Spanish Days festivities.

Young people of Santa Barbara, their parents, and other parade participants don traditional costumes and celebrate the rich culture of the area. The parade proceeds down State Street, from Victoria Street to Ortega Street.

Each year nearly 200 community groups, dance academies, local youth athletic organizations, high school participants and families participate in this free event. Young revelers throw confetti and multicolored flowers from their hand-pulled carts and wagons to spectators who come out to cheer them on.

Girls twirl their traditional flamenco skirts and dressed in red or floral patterns with roses behind their ears, often with their hair back in buns. Boys dress in cowboy hats ("sombrero cordobés") and jackets, with occasional fake mustaches. Sometimes children are towed along the parade by their parents while other create elaborate floats. Marching bands from local schools provide abundant music.

Viewing the parade is free. To participate in the parade call the City Parks and Recreation Department at 805-564-5418.