Santa Barbara Blueberries at Restoration Oaks Ranch is a 1,000 acre Cattle Ranch, Blueberry Farm, and Retreat Center located in the Santa Ynez Valley, approximately 35 miles north of Santa Barbara. They have about 32,000 healthy, pesticide-free blueberry plants of varying ages that they open up to their U-Pick customers and to local green produce markets in season. They also offer blueberry jams and preserves, pesticide-free raspberries, blackberries, canteloupes, water melons, wild honey, and other natural products grown on the ranch as they are available.

Santa Barbara Blueberries believes that people are physically and mentally healthier and more resilient when they eat lots of fruits, berries and vegetables- especially blueberries. They believe that fruits and berries are more tasty and more fun than (most) vegetables- especially blueberries. They believe that field fresh natural or organic nutrition is always better than processed foods.

Santa Barbara Blueberries also provides their premium quality natural blueberry products direct to you online so if you can't make the trip, you can still enjoy the fruit. They are continually working to restore and preserve the natural beauty of Restoration Oaks' native California farmland and protect its wildlife and natural resources.