Arroyo Quemada Beach is a public beach just southeast of a small gated community of coastal homes named Arroyo Quemada, 25 west of Santa Barbara. It's a very narrow stretch of beach that is only dry at low tide. Because it is so remote, and tide dependent, it is rarely crowded. However, there are many uncrowded beaches much closer to downtown Santa Barbara so this one should be low on your list of must-see beaches.

  • Amenities: No Facilities, Tide Pools
  • Activities: Beach Walking

In the sand are interesting rocks and tide pools at low tide. At low tide you can walk to a slightly wider part of the beach that is in front of private homes near the creek mouth. There is a fantastically tiled home, shaped like half of a donut, that might make the extra trek worth it if you are sight seeing.


There are two entrances for Arroyo Quemada Lane, on the north and south sides of the community of Arroyo Quemada. Arroyo Quemada Beach is accessed via the southern entrance of Arroyo Quemada Lane. If you mistakenly enter the northern entrance you will immediately bump up against a gate. The southern entrance for Arroyo Quemada Lane begins at an unsigned intersection with the 101 freeway exactly two miles northbound of the exit for Refugio State Beach. The public parking area on Arroyo Quemada Lane is a half mile up from the southern entrance. There is a prominent pullout for cars on the left side about 600 feet before Arroyo Quemada Lane is blocked by the gate. Though there is a path to the beach near the gate, it is a little bit more difficult to navigate than the one that starts at the pull out. A makeshift trail goes from the pullout, across railroad tracks then descends down a steep slope to the beach next to a half-mile long seawall.