This long, narrow ocean-side park offers fabulous views of the harbor, the Islands and the mountains. Scattered parking and picnic facilities, as well as a small playground, make this a popular spot for family gatherings. This is a great park for walking, skating and playing Frisbee. Follow the narrow wooden stairs to the beach below and discover a local secret - a beach and tidal pool area (when the tide is low) that is both private and beautiful. You will often see three dolphins skimming the surface off this park. (It's almost always three of them!) Stand by the bronze whale tale and gaze through the binoculars and you might even see a whale.

  • Amenities: BBQs, Benches, Grass Park, Kids Play Area, Picnic Tables, Restrooms, Tide Pools, Walking Paths
  • Activities: Picnicking, Walking, Whale Watching
  • Dog Policy: Dogs allowed off-leash on the beach on the west size of the beach stairs (right side as you face the ocean. Dogs must be and on-leash in the park

Dogs are only allowed off leash on the beach in Santa Barbara in one specific, continuous stretch of beach: west (right as you face the ocean) of the beach staircase at Shoreline Park, all of Thousand Steps Beach, all of Mesa Lane Beach, and east (left as you face the ocean) of the mouth of Arroyo Burro Creek at Hendry's Beach.

The wooden stairs to the beach are near the center of Shoreline Park. The beach is covered with water at high tide. From the bottom of the stairs you can walk on the sand right/west Thousand Steps Beach which is also narrow. The wide, sandy Leadbetter Beach is accessible by a walking is bike/walk path at the east end of the park.