Hammond's Beach has no facilities, and consequently, is a locals beach and a popular surfing spot, in the upscale community of Montecito. Hammond's Beach and nearby Fernald Point Beach surrounds the famous Miramar Beach, home to the Rosewood Miramar Beach Resort. For a more exclusive Montecito beach experience, head to Hammond's, a true hidden gem.

  • Amenities: No Facilities, Benches, Tide Pools
  • Activities: Beachcombing, Beach Walking, Surfing
  • Dog Policy: Dogs allowed on leash

Like other Montecito beaches, Hammond's Beach is relatively secluded, next to private homes, the Sea Meadow residential project, and the undeveloped Hammond's Meadow County Open Space. Parking for Hammond's Beach is on Eucalyptus Lane, which is the same parking area for neighboring Miramar Beach.

The famous Hammond's Reef surfing spot at Hammond's Beach creates a powerful right breaking wave during large westerly swells. It is best at a medium tide going high. 1980s world champion surfer Tom Curran spent his many of his formative years carving waves at Hammond's Beach.


Take the 101 Freeway to San Ysidro Road and turn toward the ocean. San Ysidro Road becomes Eucalyptus Lane on the ocean side of the freeway bridge. If you can't find parking on Eucalyptus Lane, try Miramar Avenue and Humphey Road which meet Eucalyptus Lane near the railroad tracks. At low tide you can walk right/west along the beach to get to Hammond's Beach. Most of the time, however, it is easier to walk the 1/4 mile distance to Hammond's Beach on the Hammond's Meadow Trail which begins at the roundabout near the beach, on the right side. Hammond's Meadow Trail forks at a bridge over Montecito Creek, and there are coastal access paths on either side of the creek.


The area inland from Hammond's Beach was historically farm land. In 1906, a mansion that was part of a 7.5-acre estate named "Bonnymede" was built by William Davidson. In 1912, Esther Fiske Hammond bought the Bonnymede estate, and gradually bought several adjacent properties, so that by 1927, the size of the estate had increased to 46 acres and extended from the present day Coral Casino on the west, to Eucalyptus Lane to the east, and from north of the railroad to the beach. In the early 1930s, Esther’s son, George Hammond, constructed two airstrips at Bonnymede. The strips also served as a nine-hole golf course and as a polo field. Esther died in 1955 and the westerly portion of the estate was sold in 1958. The old house on Hammond's Meadow was torn down and two luxury condominium complexes were subsequently constructed over time: Bonnymede and Montecito Shores. George Hammond continued to live on the estate until he died in 1982. Afterward, the easterly 22 acres was sold and in 1987, the Sea Meadow residential project was approved by the County, allowing 27 privately-owned parcels with single family homes.