Many University of California Santa Barbara students go down to the beach to relax and get away from some of the chaos that is Isla Vista. One destination is Camino Del Sur Beach, a small sandy stretch in between the better-known Campus Point Beach and Sands Beach.

  • Amenities: Grass Park
  • Activities: Beach Walking, Sunbathing
  • Dog Policy: Dogs allowed on leash

Camino Del Sur Beach is accessed via a stairway at the end of Camino Del Sur road in Isla Vista. Camino Del Sur Beach exists when the tide is low. If the tide is too high one can't even get off the steps without jumping straight into the crashing waves. On the bluffs to the east is tiny Window-to-the-Sea Park with grass and trees, while on the bluffs to the west is Walter Capps Park which is sometimes grass and sometimes dirt. Immediately to the east is Camino Pescadero Park Beach while a hundred yards to the west is Sea Lookout Park Beach.

The first thing you will notice is the extreme erosion taking place along the cliffs. The natural destruction of the cliffs along Del Playa Drive force apartment building owners to periodically chop off the ocean side of the structure. There is a plethora of caution tape where whole balconies have fallen off into the water. One day in the not too distant future all the apartments in this area will be gone.

Free street parking is available if you can find a spot. Parking is a problem in all of Isla Vista during the school year. Look for street parking spaces first along Del Playa Drive and work your way block by block toward the north. With luck you will find a parking spot before you cross into Canada.