Haskell's Beach, formerly Tecolote Beach, has long been one of Goleta's best kept secrets. Haskell's Beach is at the base of the Bacara Resort in western Goleta. There is beach access and a parking area for the public use. A wide easy-graded path leads to a small park-like area with grass and picnic tables just above the beach. Here you will find the "Beach House" which has restrooms, showers, and a shaded alcove. At high tide Haskell's Beach is narrow. At other times you can walk the beach north past an oil pier to a remote area known as Naples Point. If you walk south on the beach you'll be below the Sandpiper Golf Course and eventually get to Ellwood Beach.

  • Amenities: Grass Park, Picnic Tables, Restrooms, Showers
  • Activities: Beach Walking, Sunbathing, Surfing
  • Dog Policy: Dogs allowed on leash

For surfers Haskell's is a mediocre beach break and the waves don't ever really get that good here, but it's a good place to check in the summer during a wind swell. Expect weak waves, it's best to bring a fun board. This local surf spot has a long history and much of it is showcased in a series of interpretive signs that line the short trail down to the beach. A good place for a range of water sports, picnicking, beach walking or simply enjoying the day.

The Appleford pier next to Haskell's Beach, built in 1930, is not acccessible to the public. The company that uses it, Venoco Oil and Gas, is in bankruptcy, and will no longer be leasing the pier. It will most likely be taken over by the State, who might dismantle it, or make it public.


The discovery of oil in the late 1920's created a frenzy of construction along the coast of Ellwood. Virtually overnight, the beaches of Goleta, including Tecolote Beach became an industrial zone. Soon their serene beachfront paradise was covered with piers, storage tanks, buildings, pipelines and roads, bustling with activity. All but one of the piers have been removed. By the early 60's, Mother Nature took back the area and it was mostly unknown.

The Beach is named after Mike Haskell, who was the keeper of the key to the private beach at Tecolote Canyon Ranch. Local surfers would need Mike's permission to surf the Ranch's private beaches, and so the spots became known as Haskell's.


To get to Haskell's Beach, exit the 101 at Winchester Canyon Road. Cross the bridge toward the ocean. Turn right on to Hollister and head towards the Bacara Resort. Look for signs indicating beach access. Park in the tennis court facility for the Bacara and follow the paths to the beach.