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El Sitio - De La Vina
2830 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-9747

Reviews by the General Public

Cashier in the morning need to be more friendly , 3/28/2015
Reviewer: caroline smith from Santa Barbara, CA
I love chicken burritos from this place. I could eat chicken burritos every day but I stopped visiting this place because they changed the nice and friendly cashier that was in the morning. The new cashier doesn't speak English and never smile. Every time that I go they give me something different to what I ordered. I have been calling to have some information about catering but nobody speaks English there. Dear owner you need to act fast or you'll lose more customers.

New Review w/ different cashier (morning), 6/24/2014
Reviewer: RODNEY from Santa Barbara, CA
Yes I wrote the extremely disparaging review about the rude service from the cashier. I went in this am for a call-in breakfast burrito, and the younger woman who was the cashier was as nice as one would expect, and spoke excellent English. The cooks are always fantastic and the food is really the best...period! Perhaps the woman that I and so many other people find rude, is just not getting the language and it frustrates her. I don't know....but it is the difference between night and day.

Agree with Rodney about the cashier, 6/19/2014
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the food and the cooks are fine. Have not gone there in four or five years because of the rude treatment by the cashier. Too bad because it's in my neighborhood and I used to go there frequently after work. She must be related to the owner because a lot of people have complained about her.

Great food - Horrid Staff, 6/16/2014
Reviewer: RODNEY from Santa Barbara, CA
I live in San Roque and have been eating in and taking out food from El Sitio for quite some time. I adore their food, especially the Rajas. On the other hand, the woman who works the register with the short black hair who appears to be in her 50' unbelievable rude. She rarely smiles, has gotten my order wrong too many times to count, has messed up phone-in orders so bad, I don't even bother to order that way.....just tonight she pretended to not understand when my wife tried to order fish (pescado)tacos and then hung up on her when she got frustrated. She wound up going to Rudys. It's not me and I'm not crazy. She is downright mean and rude. I really think she despises Caucasians. She has to go, or learn to be friendly whether she feels like it or not. At this point I think I'm just going to have to go to another place than go through another encounter with her.

Good food, no problems
Reviewer: BD from Santa Barbara, CA
The adovada burrito is probably my favorite burrito in town. The people who work there are always friendly to me and service is prompt. Maybe they just have a thing for balding middle aged white guys who are polite and smile.

Authentic and priced right!
Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
Don't be discouraged by the negative reviews, chalking it up to 'Gringos' who are softies and ignorant to authentic Mexican cuisine. El Sitio provides consistent, tasty Mexican fare with a flare that isn't found many places in Santa Barbara. The salsa's are home made and flavorful. Food is fresh and always hits the mark. Service is terrific and kid friendly.

Stupid attitude staff!
Reviewer: Hector from Santa Barbara, CA
The food at El Sitio is pretty dank.. But the staff there always seems to have a stupid attitude with everyone, every time I go they always give dirty looks and seem like they want you to get out, someone needs to fire those people and get people with a better attitude.. Food is bomb but staff sucks

Bomb food but staff can be mean :/
Reviewer: Suzie from Santa Barbara, CA
Been here plenty of times and the food never disappoints. Great authentic tastes and generous portions. So the food is why we go! The service however is not so good. The staff can be rude and unwilling to talk, it's just like hurry up and get out. I called in a to-go order and each time the price is different, no thank you, no asking your name or when it will be done. It's just ok and they hang up the phone. Just some simple courtesy would go a long way. I mean they do like return customers don't they? If I were the manager/owner there are a few people I would fire immediately. BTW I was previously a restaurant manager.

terrific food
Reviewer: Lisa Benson from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is very good; it seems a bit over priced. We still come back because of the quality and good location.

biggest fan of El Sitio!!
Reviewer: Zack from Santa Barbara, CA
I think I can say im the biggest fan of this place!! I eat here and have eaten here for years now and still go a few times a week!! The only downside now, is that the Super Burrito is smaller...used to be huge but now its only a little bigger than the big burrito they sell but its about a 5 dollar difference...I wish they read this and start making the super burrito super again!

The best tortas I have ever eaten !
Reviewer: David Golding from Santa Barbara, CA
I lived in Santa Barbara for 5 yrs . El Setio is by farrrr the best restaurant that serves the best carna asada tortas. I moved back to Los Angeles and have not yet found a restaurant that makes nothing close to how El Setio makes it. The service is the best , as long as they make the tortas the same way. I so love that place . I wish I could bring one back home to Los Angeles it would be a line out the door. It would help solve gang violence , gangsters would have to eat with one another and enjoy the great taste of carna asada tortas.

Great Shrimp Rajas and so many choices
Reviewer: Elaine Schoepf from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a huge fan! Everyone is friendly - the folks at the cash register and the folks at the grill smile all the time. THe people waiting for food are polite and smile, too! Wait a minute! am I in California? Kay - that said - the food is delish - que rico! shrimp, rajas, bistek, pork, and so many more choices. This is one of the few places I eat that I don't pour the salsa all over the food to get the flavor strong enough for me! Whoo hoo! (I love that they speak Spanish and English to the customers!)

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