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Jill's Place Shalhoob's Restaurant
632 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-0378

Reviews by the General Public

Reminded me of Sizzlers
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was bland. Thank goodness for the sauce. Service was fine.

Lunch at Jill's, always tasty.
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
Jill's is great for it's fresh tasting food and location (being away from the craziness of State St.) Their fresh sandwhichs, burgers or specials of the day are a great choice for a getaway from work. I have not been for dinner, but look forward to going when I can. I would recommend this restaurant to friends.

A Great Meal @Jill's
Reviewer: Martee from Santa Barbara, CA
We just had the most amazing meal at Jill's Place. The signature martini with heat and cucumber plus the live Jazz music just made it that much better. Oh! and the filet...We will be back.

Great food, great value, great service
Reviewer: Kris from Camarillo, CA
My favorite place to eat in Santa Barbara. I love the steak bites and the split pea soup is the best I have ever had, but my all time favorite is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, talk about comfort feel good's amazing and you won't leave feeling me. The people are great and always serve you with a smile. My choice, always. :)

Good Food
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
Dig the sliders. Build your own burgers ROCKS!!! Keep up the good work, Jill.

Great food, great drinks, great service!!! One of my favs!!!
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
Had dinner and drinks last night at Jill's Place. As usual the food was great and the service friendly. The wine by the glass selection is top notch and my party had a great time. We cater parties from Jill's often and throw a few get togethers there at the restaurant each year! Great job Jill making your place one of the best dining experiences in SB. Steaks, chicken,'s ALL delicious.

The deafening lounge music ruined it
Reviewer: Ryan Barnhill from Santa Barbara, CA
I have enjoyed this place in the past but apparently I had only been there on weekdays. Friday and Saturday evenings they have a one-man lounge act that takes over the entire joint. It was impossible to hold a conversation with the other members of my party and it was even difficult to communicate with our waitress (who didn't seem to enjoy the situation either). I cannot overstate how bad (and loud) the music was... something I would expect to find in a cheap hotel bar by the airport. We canceled our order, paid for our drinks, and left. (I can handle bad music in a restaurant, but not at that volume)

Best place I know in SB!
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this restaurant. The food is amazing and I love the atmosphere. The service is always great and the owner (Jill--hence the name :p ) is a total sweetheart! It's the first place I think of when I'm craving a filling meal and a good beer.

Passion is essential in the restaurant business.
Reviewer: Alessia Guehr from Santa Barbara, CA
A few years ago I went to Shalhoob for dinner and the service and food was wonderful. Sadly I speak those words in past tense. I recently went back on valentines day, we were seated and after 15 min a waitress came to ask if we wanted anything to drink, the soup starter was alright, and the salad was small and seemed like it was from vons. I ordered a 6oz steak and baked potato, my steak was suppose to be medium rare, and came out well done, the seasoning was good but the steak itself wasn't. My vegetables were over done and had no flavor. The mashed potato was the best part of my meal. I over heard the people next to me and we arrived after them and we served our meal and dessert before them, the service is poor never was I asked how my meal was, I also had to ask for water which wasnt given to me. I ordered dessert and the cheesecake was good, the raspberry sauce needs a lot of work, tastes out of a bottle. Over all if your wait staff and chefs don't have passion, your restaurant will fail, and I will not be returning.

Local's Favorite
Reviewer: Candy Dawson from Santa Barbara, CA
Relaxing, enjoyable, fun...And the food? Terrific!!

Grumpy waitstaff is what puts the bad taste in your mouth
Reviewer: McLeod from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is great but the service has gotten to be absolutely terrible. The past four times we have gone in the past few months we have gotten really awful service and it's just not worth it to us anymore. When you go out to eat, you want to enjoy the full experience and with so many other wonderful restaurants in Santa Barbara, I would rather spend my money toward a place that has both great food and great service. Having waitstaff with poor attitude can put a damper on so much. Especially if you have to get your own menus, practically stand up to have to get drink order taken and then goodness forbid you need anything else once your meal is served. This last time we went, the service was at its worst. It's really sad because this place used to be a gem. I think it still could be. My fingers are crossed that the service gets better but it's going to be a long time before we go back and we are no longer recommending this place to friends.

Tough Steak, Bland Sides & Horrible Service
Reviewer: Jeremy from Santa Barbara, CA
This was our first, and last, visit to Jill's Place. Regarding the food, my wife and I were shocked about the poor quality of our steaks, as this is considered a “steakhouse”. We both ordered our steaks medium, and when they came out they were barely medium-rare. We politely sent them back to be thrown back on the grill. When my steak came back I cut into it to find fat and gristle throughout. As for the sides, the vegetables had zero flavor and the garlic mashed potatoes were so overwhelmed with garlic that you couldn’t taste anything else. As disappointing as the food was, the service was worse. Our waitress was rude, and completely inattentive. We were never asked for refills of water or soda, our plates were literally dropped in front of us, and there was never any follow-up on how our meal was. Considering our waitress only had four, two-top tables, there was no excuse for being ignored. With so many other great steakhouses in Santa Barabara we will not be returning to Jill’s Place.

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