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Miro at the Bacara Resort
8301 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-0100

Reviews by the General Public

Brunch on Sunday Good Ocean Therapy
Reviewer: Kelly from Ventura CA
OK - paying $170 for brunch is not my typical tab.... I think the buffet area would be better suited being closer to the patio dining. The guitar music was great but pretty loud if you were sitting close to where they were playing. That all being said, it is a wondeful resort and we enjoyed our afternoon. Next time I would dine at the other cafe near the pool for lunch for about half the cost. Views were amazing and so were the mimosas! Definately take a drive and see this beautiful resort.

Hard to stay away
Reviewer: Eric Schroeder, MD from Goleta, CA
We're new to the area but have had the pleasure of recently dining twice at Miro. Both experiences were exceptional! The two sommeliers that we met were one of the highlights of the each dinner and really offered some great recommendations.Please don't take the rabbit off the menu- we had it three weeks ago and our's was delicious. Can't beat the beautiful tropical surroundings as well(We are from KS!).

Good experience!
Reviewer: Eve Englander from Santa Barbara, CA
The food and the service were fantastic! My only but is the music. I found the solo guitar music a bit boring. I heard great music coming from the pool area, an angelical brazilian voice.

Disappointed this time
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara CA
The Miro is obviously very special (although I find it curious that they do no advertising in Santa Barbara and there is no listing for the restaurant in the phone book), but it is also exorbitant. So it best be exceptional, and this time it wasn't. The service is spectacular and I love the quirky Sommelier, but the food was lacking. My wife had the vegetarian tasting meal ($85!), and it was fine but not at all special – or worth the price. I had the rabbit and I really think it should be taken off the menu. It comes in an odd form looking exactly like scallops, and the texture was very like scallops. I love all the good stuff around it, but the meat itself was like processed lunch meat and lacking in flavor. My daughter had the skate fish which I tasted and found “fishy” in flavor. The desserts were ok, but my chocolate one (the only one on the menu) was very unexceptional. At $16 a pop, they should sing more than they do. In fairness, the beignets were awesome.

Cancel My Reservation, Please...
Reviewer: s appleton from santa barbara
I heard great things about Miro, and decided to celebrate Valentine's Day there with my wife. I called to place reservations almost a month in advance, and before the call ended, I asked to give my credit card information, and told that if I failed to cancel within 72 hours and did not show up at the appointed time, my card would be charged $50/person. The receptionist was friendly and apologetic when I said this is the first time I had ever encountered such a strange policy. Not having eaten at Miro before, I checked their website, where no menus are posted. I checked this site, where mixed reviews helped me decide to cancel my reservation, well in advance of their 72 hour restriction. We will go to Downey's or Buchon where no such policies exist, but good food is happily served.

An excellent dining experience
Reviewer: Miles Crafton from San Diego, CA
My wife and I had an anniversary dinner at Miro, basically because I had heard of its reputation for dining excellence. We were not disappointed! We enjoyed the atmosphere and the not rushed but professional service. The food was perfectly prepared and they had a wonderful wine list. Overall, the dining experience left nothing to be desired and although not inexpensive, it was worth every penny paid. My wife and I would dine at Miro again.

Not worth the price....
Reviewer: Ashley from Santa Barbara, CA
My best friend and I had dinner at Miro last month to celebrate our birthdays while staying at the Bacara and enjoying the spa. Our dinner for two cost more than our room - okay, we did have a bottle of wine and a martini too. The cucumber martini was excellent. We were told Miro was an experience, but overall it was pretty drab, and didn't meet our expectations. There was only one other table of guests in the restaurant, so the atmosphere was pretty poor, and our service was only so-so. The portions were so tiny. Basically, it was like having 3 tapas dishes for $85, and wouldn't classify what we were served as $30/dish quality. We did enjoy the tour of the wine celler with the sommelier, if you go to Miro ask for a tour of the celler.

Reviewer: Noel from Miami Beach, Fl
It was the best dining experience I have ever had since I left France three years ago and I know why when the Chef came to the table and told us about the quality and the freshness of its products. The foie gras is out of this world and of a big size too. The lobster entree is full of flavor and seems it just has been fished one hour ago from the ocean. Fishes are unbelievably tasty and full of flavors. We had beignets for desserts and they were so lightly made with a light vanilla cream on the side ! Service was excellent and server was very knowledgeable as well as the excellent sommelier lady who provided us with an excellent wine tasting ! Bravo and Bon Apetit !

Not such a great dining experience.
Reviewer: susie from los angeles, ca
The actual setting is pretty but there is just no atmosphere here at all. For a holiday weekend, the restaurant was pretty empty so it was really puzzling why it took almost four hours for a three course meal. Eight hundred dollars later, I left the restaurant still hungry. They were very accommodating with my food restrictions which I appreciated, but overall, the service was lacking and the food was just ok for some of us. The consensus was that is was just not that great of an experience all together. My parents who never leave during a meal, left before the third course. Very disappointing.

Good experience
Reviewer: Michele from SB, CA
My friend came in from out of town and we wanted to do someting special for dinner so we dined at Miro. The experience was very good and the food was very tasty. The wait time in between courses was slightly long but the service was excellent overall. I would recommend this dining experiece but expect to drop atleast $125.00 per person.

Excellent Food and Service
Reviewer: C. Redmond from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I went to Miro last night to try something new and were delighted to have a great 3 coures meal. Very attentive service and polite staff. There is also an extensive wine list. The only down side is the price tag: costs over $300 for two people including wine, and the location outside of SB. We will be back on special occasions.

Very special
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara
My wife and I had a pre-honeymoon meal at Miro and it was superb. Obviously very expensive (and probably once in a lifetime for us), but such a beautiful setting and with amazing service and food. We loved it.

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