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Sojourner Cafe
134 E. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-7922

Reviews by the General Public

Should change the name to SoSojourner..., 2/21/2015
Reviewer: 40 yr resident from Goleta
Had the lasagna, basically flavorless. Service was generic. Way overpriced for what they serve. Need to update the menu, service and interior. Natural is way better.

Love the Tofu Buddha Salad, 10/14/2014
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
It is not a 'fancy hip place'... it is 'The Soj'. A comfortable place to meet friends and have a good meal. The past three times I gad the Tofu Buddha Salad. Love it! It has a huge variety of mixed vegetables, tofu and rice served with a great dressing. When I go to 'The Soj', my expectation is for what it is, so I'm always happy.

Reviewer: Jean P. from Santa Barbara, CA
2 half sheet cakes were both bad. The appearance was unprofessional and unfinished looking as if a person with no experience made it. The chocolate cake was dry and the frosting sugary without any flavor. The carrot cake was as if it did not rise and cream cheese too diluted. Too sweet. The process to order was confusing. Restricted hours to talk to baker, even then, not accessible if "busy" and you can only order by talking to her. The staff was rude and uneducated as to answering any basic questions regarding specialty cakes. The staff did not open the door for the pick up even though we called ahead and the baker said to pick up. GO TO A REAL BAKERY!

Good healthy options
Reviewer: Kelsey from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here a couple nights ago for a causal birthday dinner for the first time, I was impressed with all the healthy veggie centric items on the menu and my everyone in my group was able to find something on the menu they enjoyed. I ordered the Mediterranean Torta and it was delicious and very filling! My only complaint was It was relatively slow service but since we were not in a hurry it was fine, just had more time to talk. I would like to try their vegan desserts because they sounded good but after looking at them in the display case the presentation was not extremely appealing and could be improved upon. Overall I really enjoyed the food and I will definitely be back again!

Bland, Uncomfortable, but good veggie juice...
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Love the veggie juice (beets, carrots, parsley & cucumber), but not much else. Wait staff seem demeaned having to provide service; more interested in chit chatting amongst themselves. The dahl was bland and served with too much brown rice. They were polite when I asked for a little more dahl, but even the waiter commented that it was watery. It wasn't just watery and without flavor, but it had undercooked chunks of eggplant and squash in it, not to mention sour cream and a sickly sweet "chutney" which tasted like orange jam. Yuck. Who cares if it's been around forever? The food and service are very substandard!

Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been going to Sojourner for years and it has always been consistent. I have a couple go to dishes that I would go to if the specials didn't entice me. Among these are the Gazpacho and the Biryani stew. Last week we dined here and I ordered the Gazpacho (always ask for extra horseradish sauce). When it comes to the table the server informs me that they changed the recipe and no longer serve with horseradish so he didn't bring any extra....which turned out not to matter since the sauce and soup were bland and boring anyway. Really bummed, next comes out the Biryani which is even worse. Hardly a stew, very thin broth and just not the same flavor. Service wasn't bad just not that interested in our table. The whole dining experience was just sort of flat.

Reviewer: Whitney from Santa Barbara, CA
It should be a rule that if you are going to specialize in vegetarian and vegan food, you should have to make it GOOD. No meat eater is every going to go to a vegetarian place when the food lives up to the bland, boring stereotype. This place does exactly that. Bland and boring food, and amenic, unhappy waitstaff. Edible. But do you want to go out to dinner to have a meal that is just edible?

Attitude Issues
Reviewer: carolyn from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with the previous poster about the attitude problems. I feel so uncomfortable about it and it's so negative, that I don't even consider that restaurant when we go out. The food is decent, nothing like what it used to be. With other veg. options around, even at mainstream places, the Soj. can't rest on merely offering vegetarian food. It really doesn't have to be this way, seriously!

Its time to write a review......
Reviewer: Francis Ruggeri from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to this restaurant for a few months now, the food is good....thats it. I keep going back in hopes to proove that I am wrong but now its time to write a review. The place is a bit run down and could use some remodeling...... the service is straight up depressing. I have NEVER seen a smile on any of the 4 waiters faces. Today 3 servers walked by me without even saying hello or offering me a menu. It seems as though they hate what they do and would give anything in the world to be somewhere else. I bought a gift certificate for some friends knowing they would appreciate the Vegan/Vegetarian style food, but they had the same thing to say about the service. Wake up guys....if you don't like what you do leave the job for someone who does.

unhappy wait staff !
Reviewer: m.l. genovese from Santa Barbara, CA
The waitstaff never seems to smile. We have been greeted with frowns. The service takes a while, though the food is good. From the moment we walked in we were met by a frowning face. Is anyone happy that works there? Even questions seem to annoy them. Been there many times and had the same experience. Not too fun for a nice time dining out.

Never Again!!!
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Went in last Friday night a little after 10pm after seeing a show. The food and dessert was very good. Our waiter was very friendly and attentive. But the manager who greeted us made it clear that he did not want to seat us or anyone else. Looked bothered that we entered the door. He even yelled at a large party that came in after us. Told them how dare they come in to the restaurant and expect service so late. It was a little after 10pm and the place closes at 11pm. About 10 or 15 til 11pm, manager would walk by and give us the evil eye trying to get us to leave. Our waiter didn't rush us though. But still we finished dessert and left asap. We paid for service and got chased out before closing. Never will return again!

Reviewer: Erica S. from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is decent--I'd call it typical "Santa Barbara" cuisine, with lots of healthy options and fusion-cuisine ideas. Great Mediterranean torta salad! Unfortunately, for one late lunch on a Saturday, I had rather flakey service. As soon as we were seated, we requested water and ordered a lemonade, as we were quite thirsty. The water didn't show up until about 5 minutes later, and the lemonade never materialized until we had to remind him after our food orders arrived that we had ordered lemonade. I found the service to be pretty spacey.

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