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Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch - De La Vina
2618 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-1872

Reviews by the General Public

Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch is #1, 4/12/2014
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Ive been eating Chicken Ranch since they opened. Never have I been unhappy with service, quality of food or ANYTHING. I take my friends there and they get hooked. Now that there's one in Ventura, its actually the only fast food type food I will eat. The staff is super nice and friendly and attentive. Food is always tasty, never over seasoned, never over cooked. The chicken truly is amazing. Thank you Chicken Ranch, Ruth's Chris came and went, but you're still here!! That says something!

Great flavors but over cooked.
Reviewer: CaliGirlForever from Santa Barbara, CA
First time here and it was recommended by friends who raved about it and it seems fast, convenient, and healthy after a long day at work. Ordered the combo of chicken and tri tip and was very disappointed by how dried out the chicken was. Could hardly eat it. The tri tip tasted great but I like mine medium rare and it was well done. I didn't order it medium rare so not going to hold that against the cooks. The flour tortillas were much better than the corn and less dried out. The beans were nothing special but loved the rice. Too bad it was a tiny amount of rice because could have eaten more. If I go back, I am ordering only tri tip and rice.

Chicken Meal then the Combo Burrito
Reviewer: LEO from Santa Barbara, CA
The 2 locations are going downhill fast. Always take-out and on the run for me last week. Quarter CKn/DNer at De LA Vina was cooked to the bone and as dry as old chick can be. Combo burrito at FV 2 days later; tasteless rice, beans, 3 tip and chick w/ no spices. Just bland, even the salsa could not make up for the lack of flavor. Like eating a mish-mash of leftovers. I accepted the over priced sides just for the great meal but it's done for me. If you're a regular then you're settling for less. Get out of the rut and try something new. After 20 yrs. of eating here I'm moving on. There's WAY BETTER! out there; food quality and price wise.

Good food slim portions.
Reviewer: chris smith from Santa Barbara, CA
Just the portions seem to be getting slimmer every year. First it was 4-5 pieces of chicken then it was 3 and now 2... I rather make my own chick instead of pay 12.00 for a meal with 2 small pieces of chicken. The tri tip is also about half of what you used to get.

Reviewer: Lillian from Santa Barbara, CA
Stopped here for quick lunch and the place was packed. Ordered the quarter chicken plate which is a ton of food for one person for around 7 bucks. Was impressed when I got my meal in 3 minutes. Loved the tasty golden/orange skin on the chicken. Dumped my beans, rice and asada salsa together on my plate and I was in tortilla heaven! It was nice to see the owner there and the service was very friendly.

Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a regular customer at this restaurant and I always receive great service, the cashiers are always friendly. I specially love the new tri-tip sandwich. I will keep going back and recommend it to my family and friends.

Don't go there.
Reviewer: Jacqueline from Santa Barbara, CA
Dreadful food - cold, tasteless and old. Horrible Service. Filthy place. Nobody who owns this place or works there gives a damn. STAY AWAY! Even cheap food can be good! What I liked best was leaving. It was my first and last time. How can anyone write a POSITIVE, constructive review of this place when no one will read it- or act on it? I've read the other bad reviews and no one has acted on them. I suspect everyone involved cannot read anyway.

burnt tortilla
Reviewer: Margarita from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to chicken ranch since I was a kid, but my most recent visit left me sad and still hungry. I ordered a burrito to go, but when I opened it I encountered the distinct burnt tortilla smell. It ruined the burrito and my lunch. I understand they may have been busy, but food should not be going out this way. I would have definitely waited a bit longer to get a non-burnt tortilla.

Food slightly diminished, service Very diminished!
Reviewer: Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA
I grew up near the De La Vina chicken ranch all my life. The food has always been good to me and the service used to be pretty friendly and respectable but over the past 5-7 year or so it seems that the owner hasn't been quite as involved in managing the place (I never see him there anymore) and some things have gone down hill. FIRST, the bad service in recent years has been comical to me (the cashiers chit chatting and lack of service) and sometimes down right frustrating (usually when orders are messed up). I always wondered if it was me but I can see here that many people have the same opinion. SECONDLY, I've always loved the burritos a lot. I usually would get the tri-tip burrito and sometimes the chicken. Sadly a lot of the time you order one of those (mostly the tri-tip it seems) you get a burrito that was made earlier in the day and they microwave it when you order it. It's not nearly the same! The cheese is all wrong, rice seems stale, nothing compared to a freshly made burrito. This is the biggest problem I have with the place now and it's why I go elsewhere. You can even see them walk around from the back with a wrapped burrito and they pop it in the microwave right in front of you lol

small burrito
Reviewer: DPG from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been eating at the Chicken Ranch for 15 years. I started when the owners Mother owned it. The food has been OK. I used to like the Chicken and the Tri tip. I thought I would try the Bean and Cheese burrito. What a joke its about 6 inches long you get 15 chips , salsa, and one tiny burrito for $6.50. I bought it from the store in goleta. Will not go back.

good food awful service
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
The food what can I say itís really good. The combo plate is what throws me off itís the best, but the only bad thing of this restaurant is the service. Reading the previous reviews I guess it doesn't make me feel the only one here complaining. I go there most of the time since my job is couple blocks away, but there is a specific girl that gives awful service. She never holds her conversation until we are done ordering she is always talking to the other cashiers and they respond back. It would be of much respect that, that cashier should get her attention called because it is not respectful and is unprofessional. This happens most of the time when I go eat dinner. Even though she sometimes doesnít get my order I pay attention to her service with other customers, but it makes no difference. If this keeps on going I might feel forced to stop going to this restaurant.

Terrible attitude
Reviewer: Esther from Santa Barbara, CA
Since Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch's website does not have a "Contact Us" option, I am hoping this will catch the owner's attention to his employees' attitude when dealing with customers. The food is very good, chicken is moist and nicely flavored. The attitude, however, is an entirely different matter. Reading all the most recent reviews, guess I'm not the only one who feels this way. It's a pity, really, for a place to have great food but the service is what deters customers from returning. I know SB Chicken Ranch is not the Biltmore or San Ysidro Ranch, so I never expected the same kind of service. However, my most recent experience was so negative that I will not be going back. This was a Saturday morning, about 11am, I tried to call in a to-go order, which I have done numerous times. The female employee who answered the phone asked if she can put me on hold, I said "No problem", it ended up being a 7 minute wait. The whole time I can hear people on the other side, but she apparently had forgotten that I was on hold. I did try to catch her attention by kept saying hello loudly, and finally just hung up and redialed. When she answered, I told her that I was put on hold but that she forgot about me. There was only silence, then a blunt "well, what do you want". No apology, no acknowledgment. When I picked up my food, and I'm pretty sure it was the same employee since she was the only female working at that time, she was cold and discourteous. This was the first time I did not leave a tip at a food establishment. It's unfortunate, this could have been resolved so easily by a simple "sorry".

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