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Montecito Cafe
1295 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-3392

Reviews by the General Public

A reliable favorite with good food and great service
Reviewer: AnnieB from Goleta, CA
This is where we go when we feel like spoiling ourselves, but don't want to pay tourist prices or dress up too much. The chairs are comfortable, there's carpeting and drapes that absorb sound so you don't have to shriek to be heard by your companions. I always have the Salmon and my husband has the Veal (both from the regular entree menu). There's a good by-the-glass wine selection and the service is always brilliant - never had anything but thoroughly pleasant experiences in that regard. I only have one gripe: I wish they'd rework their dessert menu. The Apple Crisp's topping is too heavy and there's too much of it and oh! - can't we have some plain vanilla ice cream instead of that rather heavy Italian concoction?

What service?
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to this restaurant since they opened and always had very good food so I will forgive them for the tough lamb. My friends liked their meals. One of my friends is an older lady and asked to share a dessert with me. We ordered three desserts and asked that one be cut in half, "I am sorry but we don't cut deserts in half for sharing" WHY, because the cheese cake has a rosette on top and it is our policy to not share deserts. Are you kidding... The server never filled our water and was curt. My friend left a small tip. I would have left nothing.

Food Good, Customer Service Aweful
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is pretty good, however don't count on your the menu item you wish to order being available as they are always out of something or another. As for the service, customers are clearly not a priority. After ordering our beverages we were told they would be "right out" yet waited almost fifteen minutes while out waitress beebopped around before finally serving them to our table(the same went for delivering our food). And they seem to have serious issues with any of the simplest modifications you request for any given dish you order. After giving the establishments several tries I can safely say I will not be returning or recomending it to anyone who asks my opinion on it.

Nothing Fabulous
Reviewer: Jessica B. from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is not bad but not great. Menu items are very unoriginal and are nothing special. Very agressive staff who seem to want to rush you out. I could not leisurely enjoy my food without 3 different people asking to take my plate. Oh and VERY rude blonde bartender in their bar across the driveway. With so many great restaurants in the area we won't be wasting our nights our here again. Lucky's and Stella Mares are much better choices.

I don't give '5s' very often
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
Perfect perfect perfect. MY X wife took me out to lunch and I picked a place in Montecito because she was paying. Well it turned out that this is not an expensive restaurant, however, the others around it are. Everything was 'perfect' fish, salad, bread and service. I will go back and I will even pay.

It will make you smile
Reviewer: Michael from Carpinteria, CA
Everything about this place makes it a pleasure to go out to eat...covered vallet parking, no stairs, comfortable chairs, extensive menu...classy and real. We had lunch there today. Alice had a fresh green salad with grilled chicken, feta cheese, tossed in a homemade vinegarette dressing. I had fettucini with homemade lamb sausage, and spinach. Both meals were served in large, white, French bowls. All the right aspects of dining in Santa Barbara come together here and make you smile. And so reasonable.

Not worth the price
Reviewer: Shelley from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to dinner there to meet friends who highly recommended it. This was my second visit. I did not plan to go back, but decided to give it another chance. The only "best" part was my friends company The servers were over agressive, very quick to present the check, before it was requested. The atmosphere was average,the tables are packed in close, and the only view is the street . The dinner was good, but you have to order salads seperately from the entrees, so the price tag is high for the quality.

Reviewer: Charles Hall from Boise, Idaho
Having discovered this unique eatery some 30 years ago I never fail to patronize it on trips to SB.The ambience and quality of food are,dollar for dollar,without parallel as far as I am concerned. The seating and attitude are conducive to a pleasant meal and the quality of the food is never less than excellent. A special word of praise is in order for the service staff whose professional and pleasing manner is unusual in this day and age. There are more expensive and"trendy" places in S.B.but none capture the mood and quality of old Santa Barbara so perfectly!

Good food, but shaky service
Reviewer: chee from Santa Barbara, CA
I made reservations for dinner, and I probably should have specified that I would like to have had a table by the windows. Me and my friends were seated toward the back, and I felt like it was a little muggy inside and that we needed more ventilation. We were informed that the kitchen ran out of swordfish and ciabatta, so we had to make due with what they had on hand. The alternatives to those ingredients (i.e., ahi tuna and homemade buns) were nice choices. The kitchen forgot that my friend did not want onions in her salad (but readily apologized for it later), but they did remember that I wanted basil instead of cilantro in my entree. I got the chicken, which was a tad on the dry side, but the potato croquettes and cream sauce made up for that. The table bread was warm, crusty, yet soft at the same time. I can't wait to try the coconut cake--I took it "to go." It would have been sweet if we were given the cake as a complimentary gift for the missteps during the night, but beggars can't be choosers!

The Best Luxury Restaurant in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
For years and generations of my Santa Barbara family, I have always turned to Montecito Cafe for a luxurious restaurant. The service is tops. I have nothing to complain about at all because the cafe covers every base for a hungry family. My son always takes his date to the cafe because the portions are perfect, the view is stunning, and the price is definitely worth it for the quality of food I am getting. This is not criticism, but they always run out of a particular entree once I'm there. Its strange, but with the diversity of food to choose from, I have a wide selection of other entrees to choose from. I always meet my business colleagues and have a great time. The best dessert is tied between the coconut cake and creme brulee. My favorite is the chicken pasta with dried tomatoes. They load the pasta with huge, succulent pieces of chicken breast. It is always a pleasure to be there on that special occasion. Thank you so much for making me so happy and satisfied!

Montecito Cafe is a Jewel
Reviewer: Joseph Ko from Goleta, CA
Simplicity, mixed with elegance, combined with stellar service was just the right combination to make our lunch memorable. The food was "eye closing get lost in it" type of good. Finish it with a fresh slice of coconut cake, and for a moment... everything in the world is okay.

Great night
Reviewer: mitch from SLO
My girlfriend and I love eating here. The food is always awesome. The service is awesome the valet parking is awesome. To some it up...... AWESOME.

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