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Arlington Tavern
21 W. Victoria St
Phone: (805) 770-2626

  • Category: American
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm (restaurant), 5pm-midnight (bar)
  • Price: $20+
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

closing, 5/12/2015
Reviewer: Matthew Stotts from Santa Barbara, CA
Sorry to report this. But they will close in less than a week.

Still the best
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA

Outstanding all around
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I found ourselves out for a walk the other night while our baby daughter slept in her carrier. We realized that we were hungry and since The AT is in our neighborhood, figured it was time for dinner. We walked in with a sleeping baby and were given a nice cozy booth with plenty of room to lay our baby out. The menu had too many choices so our wonderful waitress offered to combine and make special things for us to try. We started with a delightfully refreshing Persimmon and citrus Salad followed by an amazing Onion Soup that was on the verge of life changing. This was followed by a combo of ShortRibs and Fried Chicken. The ribs, melting away in my mouth, but the chicken?! Oh sweet goodness! Simply the best and the chef was more than happy to simply say, "Thanks, the secret is in the brine." Well ok. I will accept that and eat it every time I go back, which will be often. And just a little note to the last review, giving 2 stars on food when they clearly state something was "Quite good" seems odd. Some people like, some don't. We more than like The Arlington Tavern, we love it!

Very good meal, need to work on the service
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
We started off with drinks in the bar. The bar is always so popular we keep thinking they should just reverse the operation of the restaurant to make it mostly bar. There was a large and noisy group set at tables just outside the bar area but it was still all fine. We decided to sit down at a table in the restaurant for dinner and when the hostess showed us to the table there was only one chair for the two of us. I assumed she was going off to find another chair but after a minute of standing I just asked another table to borrow theirs. Then it took a couple more minutes for someone to even notice us and ask us if we'd like water. We went ahead and ordered food just to save time. The food was great. Had roasted beet salad and the black cod for entree. Both very well done. Would definitely come back but I ask that they work on the service a little more.

I agree with the last post
Reviewer: Kelsey from Santa Barbara, CA
I couldn't agree more with the last poster, but when I looked on here to see others' opinions they were all glowing reviews so I thought it was just me being cranky. I had a similar experience over the weekend... way too tiny of portions for the price. Disappointed they didn't split our salad, but then again, the salad was so small it would have looked ridiculous being split. I had the bouillabaisse ($28) and the portion was more of an appetizer size. Plus they don't serve you bread unless you ask; seems to me bread should be served with bouillabaisse no matter what. Also we felt super rushed as several people including the hostess and bussers tried to clear our plates when it was clear we weren't finished. I had my fork in my hand heading towards my mouth and I look up and someone is trying to take my plate away! I'm not kidding. The service was pleasant, minus that. The food is good quality and done well, but I just can't justify the large price for small portions. Like the previous poster, we ended up having tapas at a nearby restaurant after our $130 meal.

Way overpriced, skinny portions, lacked good service
Reviewer: Harpo from Santa Barbara, CA
Never have I felt compelled to write a negative review before this experience. Tiny portions were not worth the steep price. Got the special spare rib stroganoff. Which was actually very good. But the portion size was ridiculously small and served in a small cereal bowl. All for the amazing price of 32 dollars. My wife got the black cod. Again so small that when we left we went to Opal for more food. The server seemed like it was a her first night. Don't get me wrong, she was very nice and tried to be helpful. But the tempo was all wrong, the boarding house plate clearing, and not splitting our salad makes the experience at Arlington very disappointing. The back room was bland, without character. And to bright! Our experience makes me wonder if other glowing reviews on this website may be friends of the owners. Our experience was so different. For those prices we will be headed to SYR!

Super Food - Super Atmosphere
Reviewer: Kathie from Santa Barbara, CA
Where else would you want to go on your Birthday to have the most excellent kobe beef hot dog, on a lightly toasted homemade bun, topped with delicious homemade cole slaw? TO DIE FOR! The dog came with chips, you guessed it - homemade. Add a great glass of beer or wine and you've got a nice little meal. To be fair, the restaurant has many interesting and imaginative menu options, which all sound wonderful. Can't wait to return and try something else, although I will be drawn to that kobe dog. Nice going AT! P.S. We ate at the bar and service was friendly and attentive.

great dinner
Reviewer: sam from Santa Barbara, CA
working at a hotel i (like) to think i know a bit about the dt eating scene so after i heard about this place figured id give it a shot... i was not disappointed, great beer options, food was AWESOME, my girlfriend praised me n the server made us feel welcome. i will be returning soon.

Great place for lunch!
Reviewer: cj from goleta
My daughter, her fiance, their baby, and I stopped off for lunch a couple of weeks ago. We were greeted and allowed to find our own place on the lovely patio. One of the owners recommended some red wine and took our drink orders. The wine was great and promptly served. We then ordered a hamburger, mac & cheese, and a Caesar salad to share. May I just say, Yummmm. Everything was cooked perfectly and absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this place and will be going again myself. See you there!

Great new addition to SB!
Reviewer: Stephine from Santa Barbara, CA
We went here last Saturday night for the first time and all I can say is WOW! The food was absolutely amazing. The pork belly appetizer was by far the best thing we had. The filet mignon was delicious; their mac and cheese was out of this world. The staff was friendly and attentive; we had a glitch with one of my friends' dinners in that it came out much later than everyone elses, but the waiter not only brought her a glass of wine on the house, but also another small appetizer to keep her going before her dinner was served. We had both the peanut butter and jelly cheesecake and the lemon cake for dessert. Both were fantastic. We will definitely be back for more!

Wish I could give 10 stars
Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
I just had my first meal at Arlington Tavern. Wow! Incredible! Every bite was perfect. The service was excellent. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Our courses were timed just right and the staff made sure that each person's plate arrived at the same time. I know where I will be dining out from now on - Arlington Tavern!

Phenomenal Food, Excellent Service
Reviewer: Katherine from Santa Barbara, CA
This place feels wonderfully local and tastes truly "farm fresh." If going for the bar food end versus the steakhouse end, try the Kobe Beef Hot Dog on a tasty home-made bun with Marsala Fries. Additionally, the lighting and atmosphere are lovely and warm, especially during the sunset.

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