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India Club
5701 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-7171

  • Category: Indian
  • Hours: Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Dinner 5pm-9:30pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Good Indian food, 10/16/2015
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
We took refuge here during the GREAT TRAFFIC JAM when Highway 5 was closed and its traffic came down 101 to get to LA on a Friday night, already usually a bad night for traffic. During the four hours it took to get from the DMV in Goleta to Santa Barbara City and home, we got worried about the gas level in our car and came down from the dead stopped traffic on Foothill/Cathedral Oaks (often five minutes totally stationary!)to Calle Real. Then we noticed The India Club and decided to stop in. We had very courteous and helpful service, and excellent naan, lovely mint raita and very good Chicken Nilgiri and onion fitters. This was proper service, not a buffet nor ordering at the counter. Yes, the decor is maybe bleak modern, but the food is what matters. We will go back.

Winner - but small field
Reviewer: Quatre from Santa Barbara, CA
You kinda think the West Coast means better Indian food… much closer to the motherland. Well, not always the case. This spot has some chops. I think it's dreary to eat at, in fact decided to order out once I saw it -- so bright... all hard surfaces and very over lit. Liked the food though! Not Madhur Jaffrey - per another review -- but maybe you don't want to cook. Take it home.

love the food & love the owners
Reviewer: Kristena from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been eating INDIA CLUB's food since it was Spice Avenue- the first year they opened. I had birthday's there and met friends for lunch & chai tea. I adore the Sag Paneer and Alloo Gobi (sp?) and the garlic nan & the mango lassi. Everyone I know really likes this restaurant and when they moved to Goleta Yippee! Have you tried their Samosa's?

Best Indian in Goleta
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
They are up to 6-8 dishes in the buffet. They are really hopping crowd wise with their buffet now. They added outdoor seating(about 8 tables) to get away from the inside which to me still seems to stuffy/loud. So unless you want to travel to Las Positas or farther into SB this is the best(and only) buffet for Goleta. Female owner(I think) was cordial and nice. For all you can eat $10-12 is good(I was stuffed with one plate ala Thanksgiving).

Buy Madhur Jafffey's Indian Cookery book instead
Reviewer: Laurie from Santa Barbara, CA
Their food is akin to frozen Indian food which Trader Joe's does much better for far cheaper. Since there is no other Indian food in Goleta, I tried India Club but was immediately put off by the extreme unfriendliness of the manager. He clearly does not wish to be waiting on the general public. If the food had been somewhat alluring I would have put up with the it, but after three tries...forget it. He does a disservice to his otherwise friendly hired help.

Just passable
Reviewer: Nisha from Santa Barbara, CA
Since i come from India, i have tasted far better Indian food than the one you get anywhere in Santa Barbara. But still spice avenue is way better than this one. for the items they provide, the price is too much for buffet. no variety for desserts or starters. Naans were not really naans but regular bread dough with lots of yeast in it, rolled like naan bread. Indian naan bread is too different than this. I didn't return empty stomach and at least one of the rice and curry was decent. But i don't think I would go there again. I would rather take little more pain and go to state street.

Bad again
Reviewer: Mukesh from Santa Barbara, CA
The food quality has recently become poor and also they have tossed out out two buffet entry specials like Biryani rice. The service was also not friendly, the manager declined to give me a go box for my unfinished naan breads saying we don't give to go boxes for buffets.

Much improved now
Reviewer: Mukesh from Santa Barbara, CA
I gave this one more try, they have a new chef I believe, the chicken tikka masala, madras chicken curry, pokaras and rice pudding were yummy!, the tandoori chicken was not that great though,

Reviewer: Hugh from Santa Barbara, CA
Very pleased to see they have added a Soda Fountain. No more pay-per-can drinks! They have moved the deserts to the chutney bar and added 2 vegetarian dishes to the last chaffing dish for the buffet. Tandoori chicken was great as was the Tikka Masala. The vegetarian dishes were a spiced noodles and tofu Biriyani, a very highly spiced rice, amazing flavors. Counter service has always been good and they take your dishes promptly. Not much to the salad but it's free, I douse it in raita and wrap it in my naan bread, theirs is so fresh and good. They have a lunch club card for a future free buffet. I am still liking this place very much and now it has gotten even better imho.

Very good all around
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
Have had lunch here 4 or 5 times. They now have a lunch buffet. The food is fresh and there is a nice variety. The staff is pleasant. It is overall very good.

Not Impressed
Reviewer: Tina from Santa Barbara, CA
I was not very impressed by the food, but I have never had Indian food before so I don't know if the food isn't good Indian food or I personally just don't like Indian food. The service wasn't bad but there really isn't any as you order at the counter. They did pick up plates promptly and bring the naan out quickly. I had the lunch buffet and it didn't seem like very many choices. Also, the food wasn't very hot. I did love the naan bread. Glad I tried it but won't be going back.

Good Food and Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Yay, they opened the buffet! Had the buffet and it was good, similar to the Spice Avenue one that I believe are the same owners(or related) as this place. So its a good place for all those in Goleta who can't make it to Flavor of India, All India Cafe or Spice. Hard to say to make the trip from SB just for this place when those others are there. Their buffet choices were wider than Flavor of India but the pure simplicity of Flavor and customer service(really good naan at your table when you sit) as opposed to this place where it came near the end of the meal and was just Ok makes it hard to top Flavor. But this is a good place to go for the lunch buffet crowd in Goleta now. I believe one of the owners was there and was nice. Definitely try the desserts. It would be could if they could crank AC on hot days. Overall the best Goleta option for Indian food.

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