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Nicky Dís Wood-Fired Pizza
2840 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 898-2222

Reviews by the General Public

Bob is the best!!!
Reviewer: Mike and valarie from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything was awesome, food experience, atmosphere and employees. Bobbie made the best pizza ever!! Will always go back

Good idea, but misses the mark
Reviewer: Maureen from Santa Barbara, CA
Today was my second trip to Nicky D's. The first time I was in a hurry and just picked up a slice of pizza that turned out to be a soggy, and less than satisfying lunch. Today I tried the Capreses Hero which sounded interesting, but missed the mark. The bread was a mushy white roll, it had too much mozzarella, too little basil, ho-hum tomatoes, and the chef completely omitted the olive oil (listed as an ingredient in the menu.) Overall, my experience has been disappointing, and I probably won't be bold enough to try a third meal here.

Worst Pizza and Service in SB in 20 years
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
Delivery Driver never showed, so we went and picked up. We were excited to try different pizza in SB. Pizza was absolutely awful! Crust on BOTH pizza's was burned and pizza's were soggy. They tasted like burned rubber. We are NY style pizza lovers... this ain't it. Bummer.

Horrible Service
Reviewer: Samantha from Santa Barbara, CA
They way over charged us for garlic bread and when we tried to fix the problem they repeatedly hung up on me and they wouldnt answer the phone. I finally had to drive there and demanded that they refund my money and not charge my credit card. The manager was extremely rude and blamed the whole situation on me. im sorry but how is it my fault you hung up on me several times.!!! I wouldnt recommed the place and i never even tried the food.!

Hands down, best pizza in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza is delicious - perfect thickness (or thinness, I should say) with just the right ratio of crust to sauce to cheese. Its the real deal! The service is also super friendly. I will definitely go back and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys NY pizza.

Best pizza in SB
Reviewer: A from Santa Barbara, CA
Best pizza in SB, best slice I've had since I left NYC! Definitely ordering again and again.

Reviewer: prue from Santa Barbara, CA
hi stuart. i actually haven't tried nicky D's yet, but i too am from the east coast. i don't know where you were eating, but the pizza i used to eat was super cheesy. what's this "NY pizza isn't cheesy" nonsense?!! that is maybe "california-i-must-be-thin" mentality, definitely not east coast pizza mentality, lol. Gimme mah cheesy cheesy pizza!!!

The real McCoy
Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally a pizza place in SB that bakes and serves real NYC style pizza. I grew up in the Bronx when there was a pizza parlor every two blocks. Nicky D's serves the closest I ve come to the real thing. Crust crunchy and fully baked, olive oil and tomato sauce, not overwhelmingly cheesy. In Cali it seems the toppings rule, in NY it's the pizza itself. Try the plain cheese pizza! Good lunch special: two slices, tossed green salad with real parmesan cheese, black olives, pepperiocinis and croutons with mixed greens. I liked it and will return often.

You gotta try it
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
FOOD: The pizza here is great--authentic thin crust with super fresh ingredients. I've had the salads here be hit and miss. Even when it's a miss, it's still way better than the salad you'll get from most pizza places. They make their own dressings. SERVICE: I love that the owner is on site, picks up the phone, and that they make batches of fresh lasagna that my kids love. I've always had good service. ATMOSPHERE: Don't come here for the ambiance. It's a pizza joint. The interior is clean, simple and small. This is not the Olio Pizzeria or Via Vai--which is where you want to go if you want great pizza, great wine and a lovely dining experience. Their delivery service is excellent. I use it regularly. It's a great place to stop and have pizza by the slice if you are out running errands with the kids. (If you're downtown, I recommend Gino's on West Figueroa.)

Not Very Good
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the chicken parm sandwich. Took them forever to make it and it was cold when I got it home. But the biggest disappointment was that the ingredients are second rate. Nothing tasted like homemade (canned?). Chicken was like the frozen stuff from Costco. Had high expectations, but was left very disappointed. Not worth spending top $$ on second rate food. Won't ever go back...

Just like Silverlake
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
I lived in Silverlake for 8 years and Nicky D's on Rowena Avenue was the best in the area. The only other better pizza was Vito's in West Hollywood and Joe's in Santa Monica (both are thin crust NYC style pizza.) And of course Pizzeria Mozza (Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's renowned restaurant in Hollywood), which is in a class of its own. The only issues I've ever had at the Nicky D's Silverlake location was the service often being spotty. But the pizza was always done correctly. It's well known that Santa Barbara isn't the best place for dining and is sorely in need of some top restaurants. But things are slowly changing and having Nicky D's here in SB is certainly welcomed. I think that SB residents have become complacent and their standards aren't as high as in bigger urban areas like LA and San Francisco. That could be why there are some of these negative reviews. When you get accustomed to bad food (and this is not a good pizza town), it's hard to distinguish good from bad. But Nicky's is more on the good side of what's available in this town in respect to pizza. I think it absolutely beats places like Rusty's which is no better than the Shakey's, Godfather's, Papa John's, or Domino's chain store pizza. All they do is pile up toppings. Pizza is about the dough, the sauce, the cheese, and how it's cooked. It's not about heavy toppings that slide of the slice.

Fresh Ingredients
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the Deluxe last night and it was excellant. I'm going to give their pasta a try sometime soon. Very well made and cooked pizza. I think the bad reviews are fake from the competition. You know who you are and I have not had one of your pizza recently because the ingredients were quite stale. Rusty's employees don't really care so they are out too.

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