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Arch Rock Fish
608 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-2800

  • Category: Seafood
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
  • Chef: Scott Leibfried
  • Price: $20+
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

Good Happy Hour, Good Axxess deal, 10/25/2013
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
Funny, I went here for the Axxess deal also and a good thing, because I've been there several times when it first opened and forgot about it! Pretty solid - buy one, get one entree free - I would never pay full price for Arch Rock entrees so that being said, I usually go for their awesome happy hour. If you're ever wondering about getting a burger, it's good - just $. Also their crab-feast is ok - a lot of work and actually not that good of a deal as they claim. Oyster shooters have way too much "cheese" so I usually ask without. Oysters on the half shell needed to be cleaned properly but were fresh if not a bit bland. So Sally Spork the foodie strikes again in her erroneous review - I don't think I'd ever choose the Cioppino at Arch Rock but please never compare it as wanting it to be more like a bouillabaisse. Have your opinion but don't mislead reviewers into false belief that a Cioppino SHOULD be something it's clearly not and very different. Service was very prompt, helpful and didn't give us the stink-eye when we presented our Axxess deal. I went back the next two days in a row for more happy hour: Sushi roll is generic-tsting but filling, tater tots are surprisingly yummy (cliched truffle doesnt overpower!), and the fish sliders & tacos can be a good light dinner. Deviled eggs are meh but the grilled cheese w/honey is good too. Just depends on what you feel like.

Arch Rock Fish, 10/23/2013
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently bought an Axxess Card and wanting to use it this was my first stop. Atmosphere: Located off a busy street (Anacapa) The eatery is beautiful: stylish without being stuffy, it is spacious, airy with an urban feel. There is outside seating against this busy street, this is where we sat. It was a bit too busy with street traffic for me. Service: Sat quickly. Waiter was attentive it was a bit busy and took a while to get our food. Food/drink: We ordered the sushi roll appetizer: tasty a bit small. Then cioppino (seafood stew). Tasty pieces of seafood, however the broth was more like a pasta tomato paste sauce, I prefer a more bouillabaisse style broth. A bit disappointing. My friend ordered the fish and chips: crisp and large pieces, fantastic. Summary: I'd probably have to review more items to have a fuller experience here. However it was overall okay, nothing exceptional.

Everyone liked, 10/4/2013
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
My friends took me here for my birthday. Every one liked the food and the server Alex was excellent. His charming surfer attitude somehow went with the restaurant. The manager came by to make sure we liked everything. FREE pie for me and it was very good. Most of us ordered the combo plate and all would order this meal again.

Really disappointed, 8/29/2013
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
The service was friendly and efficient, the sleek, modern esthetic is a nice change for Santa Barbara. The food on the other hand was overpriced, tiny portions and lackluster. The $14 fried clams (all 6 of them!) were boring and wayyyy overpriced. The award winning Cippino was too thick, bland, the fish was overcooked and most of my shellfish weren't even open! Who serves dead shellfish?? This is a seafood restaurant?? The fish and chips were more like chips and fish...again, chincy fish portion. Cold sourdough bread served with melted butter??? I prefer my bread hot and my butter me crazy. I'll stick to the Fish House, thank you very much.

very good, 8/18/2013
Reviewer: mikr from concorf, CA
Eat there twice 16 & 17 august 2013, service was very good and so was the food.also pleasant place and not too loud.

I REALLY Wanted To Like This Place., 7/11/2013
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been told by friends that this is the place to go so I made reservations for a Wednesday night. We got there at 7:30 and the place was practically empty, which was kind of nice! But why empty? We started off with the salmon sushi and the crab cakes. The crab cakes were nice, but the $13.00 sushi was PRE-MADE. It was hard and cold... kind of like the sushi you buy at your local supermarket. Very disappointing and the chef adn owners should be embarrassed. My wife ordered the tuna and I got the $32 Prime with mashed potatoes and a side of their "famous" clam chowder. The chowder was gummy and seemed like way too much flour was added. Pretty bad. The steak was cooked perfectly but was very bland. My wife's tuna was good, but very dry and there wasn't any kind of sauce on the plate what so ever. HINT: The Ballard Inn's sashimi... which is fabulous. Seriously, did the chef take the night off and pre-make everything for the servers to prepare? This restaurant might of been the talk of the town a couple of year's back, but somewhere along the line somebody has given up and the owners should be ashamed. Pre made food? Really? I will never go back.

Good food, 6/5/2013
Reviewer: Terri from Gilbert, az
We were told this was a good place by our hotel desk. Food was good but a very limited menu. Our waitress was very good . My husband had the fish and chips which was good but very little for the price. Overall we would recommend this restaurant .

good but...
Reviewer: aug from Santa Barbara, CA
had the crab feast for dinner 14.95 its not... its not what it says on web site nickel and dime you for every thing. good but wouldnt recomend it . april 2.2013

Carpe Sodium
Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice place, good location, fresh seafood, fine beer and wine. This could be good “neighborhood joint” with some tweaks: Salt is good. I like anchovies, Vietnamese fish sauce, and the occasional margarita. But there can be too much of a good thing. Cioppino: salty. Crab cakes: salty. Swordfish: salty. Even the veggies and mashed potatoes were alkaline. We are both suffering from burning eyes now. The vivid photos of the pounding surf only threw salt in the wound. To customers: Try saying you’re on a low sodium diet. To the chef: There are giant vessels of sel de mer on each table. Are they strictly ornamental? We will try you again next year.

very nice for lunch
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
We had the calamari and cioppino Power Lunches, meaning half portions plus choice of salad or chowder for ten bucks. Both the mixed green and Cesar salads were fresh and tasty. Calamari wasn't exceptional, but a tangy dipping sauce added zest so it was just fine. Cioppino was very flavorful with good assortment of seafood and a piece of garlic toast. Portions were plenty for mid-day, and service was prompt. Shall return.

great happy hour
Reviewer: sam from Santa Barbara, CA
i like to go here for happy hour maybe once a week, here in santa barbara i dont believe in the harsh critic, this place is great u can sit on the outside patio get a beer n a fancy grilled cheese we usually get a fish taco or two ... think about it next time your in the area.

Food not Good
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
We were detoured from Dargans to finally try Arch Rock on a last minute decision in the parking garage. We really wanted to like the place, but honestly the food was not good. The under grilled bass entree was sitting solo on the plate covered in stale olive paste and "salsa." The seafood cobb salad was not fresh, esp the shrimp and scallops (which all ended up untouched at the bottom of the bowl). The waitress clearly didn't pick up on our obvious dissatisfaction. So sorry that Arch Rock "Fish" will not be one of our future dining spots.

fish A+
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was fantastic and the fish was very good, however, three tiny pieces of asparagus, are you kidding? Ceasar salad seving size is half what it should be. How much does romaine lettuce cost? Clam chouder was proper size, price and good. Best apple pie I have ever eaten. They said "mom makes the pies" and I believe them. That was no store bought pie.

Awesome Cioppino
Reviewer: VT from Santa Barbara, CA
We ended up here for dinner because there was an hour wait at the Boathouse on a tuesday night(?). We were seated right away(nice)and our cocktails arrived in a timely manner and were very refreshing. Our waitress was very pleasent and the food was very good. I would definetly return on a frequent basis for the Cioppino. Best I've ever had, filled with lots of fish,shrimp,mussles and lobster. The seabass was cooked perfectly but the 'salsa w green olives' it was served with just didn't taste good at all. Go for the Cioppino, you won't regret it.

Local???? I don't think so
Reviewer: Nisha from Santa Barbara, CA
The reviews here are mixed, I decided to think positive and give it a try. I am sorry that I did. The food was less than mediocre and definitely not fresh or local. The truffle tots were the only almost-saving grace, but I make those at home, so really nothing special. The service was abysmal. Slow, informal, forgetful. They are trying so hard to have a "casual" feel to the service that you feel forgotten and it feels contrived at best. They are trying to make an L.A. restaurant feel and sound local and are way off the mark. Don't waste your time or money on this one.

Great Food and Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Was not sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at the food. The miso cod and the salmon were very amazing. The veggies were great too. The ambience is really nice too. The waitress was spot on good. On the negative side(which was overwhelmed by the positive)I'll have to thrown in the following: The cornbread was more like crumblebread, needs work, the serving sizes could have been a bit bigger(order sides if really hungry) and the windows have some insect problems(don't sit by the windows). Overall a great place to try. The seating is vast there in the back. Apparently an associate of Gordon Ramsey owns the place.

Bad Experience with Travel Zoo Voucher
Reviewer: Barbara Henry from Santa Barbara, CA
I will not be returning to Arch Rock Fish. We wanted to order a starter, Crab Cakes and were told they were out of them, we then decided on Fried Clams and were told they were out! We chose a third item and the waiter explained that they actually were not out but we could not substitute any item more expensive even if we wanted to pay the extra cost, which we would have been more than willing to do! Poor customer service. Why not a Travel Zoo pre-fix menu? This embarrassing moment could have been avoided. I was embarrassed in front of my guest! No table cloths were on the table, the bread was not heated and our waiter served our Key Lime Pie to be eaten with spoons! Good-Bye Arch Rock Fish! Never again!

Reviewer: Deb from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd heard good things about this place and my husband had enjoyed it previously. The waiter seemed distracted and was unfamiliar with the evening's specials. He also didn't bring our drinks/meals in a timely way. Some of the entrees were cool, as if they had sat out until other entrees were ready. Our party had sole, salmon, seared tuna and trout. The sole was OK, but the trout was mushy and the tuna pretty flavorless. Because of the problem with the drinks, they gave us free dessert. The apple pie was soggy. The best thing was the McConnell's ice cream. Next time we crave fish, we'll go elsewhere.

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