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Nugget - Goleta
5685 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-5200

Reviews by the General Public

Creative change-making, 8/3/2014
Reviewer: Rex from Santa Barbara, CA
In the "now I've seen it all" category: I had a delicious hamburger at the Nugget today. The total bill was something like $9.64. I gave the waitress a $20 bill--for which I received exactly $10 in change. When I asked where the other 36 cents were, I was told the bill had been "rounded off." Now I certainly don't mind if the rounding off is 2 or 3 cents, but I kind of resent them arbitrarly keeping my money, even if it WAS only 36 cents.

Really good comfort food, friendly staff, 5/3/2014
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I have become regulars at the Nuggett. The service is great, and the waitstaff friendly. The food is great for what is is, American fare, nothing fancy, but really good. Their cocktails are excellent, and I think their Lemon Drop is the best in town!

Reviewer: Audrey from Santa Barbara, CA
We went this past week and after being immediately seated we waited a while to get our drink orders taken. Those drinks never came. The waitress was busy with one other table, talking up a storm with them. We finally decided to leave, walked down to Petrinis and had an awesome meal. As we left, the waitresses just looked at us, never even apologized for leaving us sitting there while she shmoozed.

Reviewer: Melinda from Goleta, CA
Excuse you people!?! Our Goodland Goleta Nugget is the shiznit! Born and raised here, it was an Arby's when I was a child. Forget about the history, I can go on and on. The Nugget not only has delicious food, CLEAN plates, a superior staff and I would kiss the cook. The manager Jamal is epic. The staff like family, no matter who you are. All around perfect place for family or date night. If you want something, just ask. If you don't ask, you won't get. Rocket science!?! To the person that had an issue with side dishes for his kid, it's called "salad", and yes that is an option, just ask?? Otherwise as a local I advise you to feed your kid at the farmers market:) Good, Great, Excellent, Superb, One of a Kind job Goodland Nugett!!! We love you all;)

Food has gone down hill and price have gone up
Reviewer: S from Goleta from Goleta, CA
We go to the nugget frequently and the food has gotten worse and worse. I ordered the fish and chips which I have had a number of times before and it tasted and looked like dry frozen fish sticks. My friend got a burger and it seemed pre made and frozen also. We told the waiter how we felt and he didn't seem to care. We won't be going back anytime soon. Also the menu changed and they raised their prices.

One of our all time favorites
Reviewer: DENNY HAIGHT from Bedford Hills, NY
We were recently in Goleta for two weeks because of a family death. We had dinner at The Nugget every night and lunch about ten times. There were anywhere from four to nine of us at each meal. Between us we ate just about everything on the menu and never had ome bad meal. In fact, on our last night there we asked the chef to come out from the kitchen so we could thank him for the excellent meals. The service was also exellent, both the bar and wait staffs. Our only regret is that we live in the Metro NYC area and will not be able to visit this outstanding restaurant on a regular basis.

date night disappointment
Reviewer: tony from Santa Barbara, CA
After eating at the Nugget Goleta when it first opened, and being seated next to flushing toilets opening directly into the dining area, we gave it another chance more than a year later. The service was unenthusiastic and unfriendly, our waiter seemed tired. We requested water, and the waiter brought tiny glasses of tap from the bar but we noticed everyone else had tall glasses with straws. I inquired about this, and he replied that I "should have asked for a tall glass with a straw." The fish was greasy, the burger really small. You can still hear/see the toilets flushing from the dining room.

Great Food, Great Service
Reviewer: Telly from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I visit the Nugget often, and we have invited both family and friends to join us on several occasions. I was very surprised to see the negative reviews on this board--almost as though those who wrote the reviews had visited an entirely different restaurant. We have *never* been disappointed in the food or service here, as both are excellent. We will continue to visit often, and will not hesitate to recommend that others do as well.

Local Favorite
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
We have enjoyed the Goleta Nugget with family and friends. The burgers are our favorite. Justin was our server last visit and he did a wonderful job, making us feel right at home. We get great service, don't understand others comments.

Kelly from S.B.
Reviewer: Nugget Owner from Santa Barbara, CA
I would Like to hear more. please respond.

Horrible Trip to The Nugget - Goleta
Reviewer: Kelley from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to The Nugget in Goleta about 6 months ago with a good friend. We were exhausted and wanted a nice place with good atmosphere to have a burger, a few beers and head home. We've both been there before and as hunters, loved the animal pelts and stuffed heads that are hung on the walls. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy our 2nd trip back to this restaurant. The entire staff was unattentive to all the guests, I saw a large group of about 6-8 women at a table who were sucking down the last of their drinks waiting for refills, staff having personal conversations 5 feet away from myself and other customers, nobody was even attending the bar for 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there and there were a few times where there was no staff present anywhere and people could have easily gone up, poured their own drinks or just left without paying. The place was decently busy so this really surprised me. At the end of our meal, which was great, I asked to speak with a manager to which the bartender came over (he was about my age, mid 20's) and said there was no manager and he was in charge. I began explaining all these things to him that I saw and that when you serve someone a strong drink (I had the Irish Coffee) you need to serve them water so they stay hydrated and wanted to continue spending money in your my surprise, he began talking back to me! Saying who was I to say he needed to give people waters, that he's been a bartender for 5+ years and knows what he's doing, that if other customers needed something they could have gotten up to ask a waiter, the list really went on and on. When I asked for the owner's name and phone number, he wrote it down and asked why I wanted it. I told him why....that he needed to know how his business was being ran and it was unacceptable. The waiter/bartender then put the number in his pocket and told me I couldn't have it. I couldn't believe it!! When I called in a few days later, I spoke with a manager and asked to have the owner call me to which the manager said he would do. I never got a phone call....which means the owner never got my name and number. I called 3 times, gave the same info that I wanted a phone call back and 6 months later, I've received no call back. Because of that one experience with that one bartender, I will not go back to this restaurant which is bad because I loved their food, I loved their location, I loved their drinks and I love the decor. So if the owner of The Nuggets happens to read this, I'd LOVE to talk to you.

Healthy choices for kids sides... NOPE, you can't have that!
Reviewer: Justin from Santa Barbara, CA
My family and I have eaten here a few times and normally it is not a big deal but this time.... I understand kids menus are normally smaller selection but can you please offer something other than fries as a side dish. I know my kids are not the only ones in the world that enjoy vegetables and fruit. I asked if we could sub the fries out for vegetables, "NO, we can't do that." The waiter did not even make an effort to offer a substitution. He only said that if we wanted something else we would have to pay. But "we don't have fruit either." he said. Rice, vegetable, baked potato.. anything but fries.. Most likely not going back a gain for a while, and if we do we will ask to speak to the manager first.

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