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Barbecue Company
3807 Santa Claus Ln, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-2209

  • Category: BBQ
  • Hours: Mon-Tue closed, Wed-Thu noon-2pm & 5pm-8pm, Fri-Sun noon-8pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Way more than a tad overpriced
Reviewer: JD from Santa Barbara, CA
$21 for brisket? Really? And let's not even talk about three bucks and a quarter for a Coke.

Reviewer: leelee from Santa Barbara, CA
I really like the smoked turkey, its sooo tender and smoked just right! The coleslaw is also a favorite, I try them all over the country, this is good. I tase the luv in this mans food. Sometimes, good food takes time. Chill out with a beer, watch a show, dont be so uptight! Jeez, people be a little thankful, you can even go out to eat!!!

Great BBQ - Severely Understaffed (again)
Reviewer: DC from Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday afternoon was my fourth trip to Barbecue Company and it was exactly the same as the previous three. The food is is the best BBQ in the area - tri-tip, pork, brisket, all delicious. The waiters hustle (literally, one guy was running), but the place is always understaffed...a hostess or bartender would help. Even a floor manager would alleviate a lot of the waiting.

We loved it!
Reviewer: StuO from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I really loved this place for the food and service which were both terrific. All the ribs were delicious as were the sides. Portions are humongous. We had two additional meals each with what we took home after stuffing ourselves while we ate at the restaurant. I like the atmosphere and the location is great foe when we drive down the 101 from SB. The TV showed a terrific video of a Kenny Loggins concert while we dined. I did not like the BBQ sauces in the squeeze bottles on the table but the sauce on the ribs themselves was tasty.

I'll be back! Yum!
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
So, I says to my hubby 'let's try that BBQ place on Santa Claus Lane' ... The pulled chicken sandwich was well stacked, tender chicken, cheesy - better than expected. Macaroni and cheese - Best Ever (Blush, take note - lobster not required). The service was attentive, professional, super fast, and again - better than expected. Imagine my surprise when I came on line to write a review and saw all the negative comments! Wow, not our experience at all. We will be back and share our experience with friends.

The Barbeque Company steps it up!
Reviewer: Andrew Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried this place a few years back when they first opened up and wasn't impressed to say the least but I chose to try it again. This time around was a better experience. The food was up to par with my BBQ standards and service was not half bad. Keep up the good work!

Terribly Disappointing
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
I've tried to like this place and returned twice but never again. The dry rub is awful and the sauces are worse. Heard they buy them at Costco and they sure taste like it. Blech.

Service terrible, food to match
Reviewer: Kevin from Los Angeles, CA
we sat in one of the only open clean tables, right next to an unbussed table that remained that way during both our 45 minute wait for food, the 15 minutes it took us to eat what was edible, as well as the time it took to get someone to give us the check. Other people were waiting for food that was sitting at the pass getting cold. People that arrived before us waited longer to get their checks. Food was marginal, did not smell right, and tri-tip tasted like it was cooked a few days before and reheated. Lighting was not conducive to a comfortable dining experience. If this was my restaurant, I would use fresh food, either train the staff or replace them and change the lighting.

Very disappointed
Reviewer: Margaret from Carpinteria, CA
After reading the good reviews I was anxious to try this restaurant. I was really disappointed. The food was passable, but not great and expensive. My ribs were supposed to be baby backs, but they were tough and much larger than any baby back ribs I have ever seen before. My husband said his brisket was good, but he got 3 small pieces. I have never eaten in a restaurant where bread was considered a "side". The sides were expensive and basically tasteless. We did not get any offers to refill our drinks and the place was not busy. I don't think we will be going there again any time soon.

Reviewer: J Manning from Santa Barbara, CA
We took my Uncle out to eat early on Sunday (2 pm). There were 2 or 3 other parties there (NOT busy). When we ordered, we were all looking forward to cornbread w/our barbecue. But it wasn't ready yet. The ribs were good but they needed more sauce. Since the waitress never came back to check on us, we ate them dry. The cole slaw had way too much celery seed in it & the mac & cheese was tasteless. The bill was $60 (& my Uncle had a sandwich). Too pricey for average food.

As good as they have in TX
Reviewer: Randy from Santa Barbara, CA
Having lived in TX for 10 years, my wife and I know good BBQ - after all TX has the best, we think. The Barbeque Company would be at the top of any "Best of BBQ" list in TX. The food is smoked well and the sides are great, too. I'm partial to the beef ribs and never get tired of their taste. The service is just the right amount of attention with personality. No "what to you want? here it is? and now here's your bill" indifferent service.

I love this place!
Reviewer: Nicole Wilson from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the best BBQ place in all of SB. I don't know how anyone doesn't love it. The food is great, the service is great and the atmosphere is great. I wouldn't highly reccomend it.

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