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138 E. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-6488

  • Category: Californian
  • Hours: Dinner: Wed-Sat 5pm-10pm Sun 5pm-9pm
  • Chef: Justin West, Weston Richards
  • Price: $20+
  • Serving: Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, but usually not needed
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Reviews by the General Public

Maybe an off night for service?
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Been here a few times and the food is always good: not overly polished and not always perfectly executed but the thought is there and flavors are always excellent. However, on a recent Saturday night the service was terrible - as in, worst ever service terrible, not just bad. Waiter (male) threw dishes onto table, was rude to one of our guests (accusing them of not liking one of the dishes) and couldn't even place dishes down carefully, slopping sauce onto the silverware and sliding plates iaround. There is no room for service like this in any restaurant, and I will think twice about returning because it made the whole experience uncomfortable.

Our New Favorite Too!
Reviewer: Gary from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not sure why it's taken us so long to get here but we finally tried Julienne last Friday for the first time. It was wonderful! The food was outstanding -- everything tasted so fresh and was prepared with such attention to detail. The service was also very good. I'm making plans right now to go back with some friends. The best restaurant in Santa Barbara!

New favorite
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
The menu looks a little strange, but we had the tasting menu (with great wines) and had a wonderful and filling meal. The sauces were fabulous. When we go out we want to find what we can't get at home, and this certainly filled the bill. We'll be back!

Excellent dinner
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
We don't get out much to nice restaurants so this was a treat. The food was definitely up there with the best in Santa Barbara. Great flavors, prepared to perfection. Two reasons why the service did not get 5 stars: my husband had his heart set on the rack of lamb - when the waiter came by to take our order and my husband placed his order the waiter informed him that they were out of the rack of lamb (which seemed a bit odd at 6:45 ). It would have been nice to know before we ordered. When we ordered a bottle of wine they were also out of that. The waiter was efficient enough but not terribly friendly. A little smile,goes a long way. Hopefully we will get to try this restaurant again.

Reviewer: Tina & Larry from Santa Barbara, CA
It was such a treat to have dinner at Julienne last evening. This restaurant is a genuine example of why I love living in Santa Barbara. The owner came to our table and checked on us a few times, our dinners were amazing, fresh locally grown produce was well represented and the flavors of each course were out of this world. We sipped on a bottle of Ojai Sarah and finished our fabulous evening with their signature chocolate mousse. WOW!

Absolutely delicious lunch
Reviewer: Beth from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Julienne because owners Justin and Emma care a ton about every ingredient that goes in every dish. I finally made it there for lunch for the first time. One person at my table said, "this is the best lunch I have ever had". Everything was delicious, from the preparation to the homemade catsup. I look forward to returning. I took off a star for service because our guy was a rookie (the A team still on for dinner service) but with only 3 weeks of lunches under their belts, I'm sure this will improve.

Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Santa Barbara, CA
Superb food. This is our new favorite in this restaurant-starved town. We had a grilled squid & sausage appetizer that amazing. We recommend the food sampler (with optional wine pairing) for your first visit. Well done. We will be back.

Great food - Very Small portions for the price.
Reviewer: Randy from Santa Barbara, CA
For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this restaurant would deserve a rating any higher than an overall 3. To be fair, the food is excellent and the service is superb. However, the portions are very, very small and for the price you pay, well, I cannot see the value. And while I realize that French cuisine does have small portions, this is a little extreme. I did not experience portions this small in France. I also understand that American size meals are over the top, so somewhere in the middle would be ideal. After walking out of the restaurant, still feeling hungry, nope, I won't be back.

My Favorite Restaraunt in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Reno King from Santa Barbara, California
I have been going to Julienne since it first opened and have yet to find its equal. The wine list is phenomenal and food is imaginative and unique. Julienne is by far my favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara.

Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place, the only problem is that the food is so good you think about it all the time. A must is the tasting menu with wine pairing, don't even order anything else. First time I went in, I sat down and said "Feed Me. I don't care what it is or how much, just feed me". Best meal of my life, left me coming back for seconds. Thanks Justin!! Amy and I are coming in next week. -Chuck

Maybe a bad night?
Reviewer: Julia from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was indifferent,overcooked and bland and the service very slow. It was obvious that regular patrons got premier service. A significant price added insult to injury. They were very busy and in fairness we haven't gone back again - that was our first time and it was so disappointing that we crossed it off our "must" list.

Great food, but VERY small portions
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
There's much good to say about this cozy and classy downtown eatery. Terrific ambiance, impeccable service, interesting and fresh, well-prepared dishes. But, alas, unless you're an anorexic French fashion model, or someone with other than a normal appetite, you might want to consider dining elsewhere. The salads and entrees, tasty though they may be, are almost unbelievably small, especially considering how expensive they are. Neither bread nor complimentary appetizers are offered. Wine by the glass tends to be on the chintzy side as well. Don't get me wrong: Julienne is a wonderful restaurant on many levels. But "quantity" and "value" are not exactly words that come readily to mind when eating there. I'm hardly a heavy person with an insatiable appetite. The sad truth, though, was that I left hungry after dinner there consisting of a salad, fish entree and shared dessert. This was my first time dining at Julienne. I can't say it will be my last. But what I can say is that there are many other restaurants in Santa Barbara where I know I can enjoy a comparably delicious meal and venture into the night without having to go home and make myself a sandwich, and without that vague feeling that I've somehow been ripped off.

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