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Meun Fan Thai Cafe
1819 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 882-9244

  • Category: Thai
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 4pm-9:30pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Consistently great
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
I come here about once a month and it's always flawless. From the cleanliness of the place, to the friendliness of the employees, and of course the food, everything is great. I can't think of a bad experience I've ever had here, aside from perhaps having to wait for a table, but that's rare. I consider it the best Thai food in town and don't go anywhere else for Thai.

A new favorite
Reviewer: Salmo from Santa Barbara, CA
I visited Meun Fan Cafe for the first time at 4 o'clock on a quiet Thursday. The young lady who took my order was very pleasant, and the food arrived promptly. I ordered the Cashew Chicken with brown rice and the portion was neither skimpy nor overwhelming. It was mildly spicy, flavorful but not too hot and I enjoyed a glass of iced tea with it. I will definitely come back again.

Best Thai Place on the west coast
Reviewer: Sean from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been to many Thai places on California, and this is the best one. The food is incredible, the staff is friendly, the atmosphere simple and clean. I can never decide what to get, because all the dishes are so good. A unique dish here is the spicy eggplant... I usually don't like eggplant, BUT this dish is incredibly tasty. Also the Pad Thai noodles and the Cashew nut chicken are really good. I rotate through all these dishes on a regular basis.

Thai food worthy of a return visit
Reviewer: Lenette from Santa Barbara, CA
First experience here was truely worthy of a repeat. We tried all of our favorites from Chicago and found them delicious. Chicken satay was tender, perfectly cooked and marinated with just enough spice. Peanut sauce was nicely seasoned and cucumber salad was perfect. Red curry was spicy and the veggies were still crisp. Pad See Eau was carmelized nicely with crispy broccoli and gooey rice noodles. Thai beer was the perfect complement to the food. Great experience, attentive staff and Cheap!

We love this place!
Reviewer: Becky K from Santa Barbara, CA
Good food, good service and very family friendly. A great addition to the choices on the Mesa

Negative Reviews Must Be An Annomaly
Reviewer: Mark McKinney from Lompoc, CA
After a long day of traveling from a San Diego weekend, I wanted to treat my wife and boy was this a treat for us both. There wasn't one thing I could complain about. The food is off the charts and although it was only my second time having Thai (first time at Meun Fan), it is my wife's fav and she absolutely loved it as well...that's good enough for me. We made a number of specific requests and the chef didn't miss a beat. Can't wait to eat it again and although we are from Lompoc, a trip back down will happen sooner than later. The service was on point with plenty of attention to guest, helpful answers to questions and plenty of smiles. Atmosphere is what you make it and ours was fabulous. When we have guest, this is where we will take them to eat...the 45-60 minute drive will be worth it. Thanks!!!

Meh Thai food and poor service
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Cold overly sweet small portions with simplified ingredients. Abandoned by wait staff after food came to the table. It is a clean restaurant but with so many better Thai places in town I will go elsewhere.

Please take a pride and pay more attention on your service!
Reviewer: Rachel Rolland from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here since this restaurant open because I love Thai food. This place is very close from my work; therefore I gave it a try ever since. The restaurant is always clean and peaceful. Their Thai food is better than other restaurants in Town. However, the service has been terrible. 3 years ago when I first started to try dinning at this restaurant with my co-workers several time, I was totally upset with the way they served us. I promised myself to take Togo Oder from then. However, Last couple days my family try to ask me give another chance, so i did. And what we experienced was another big disappointment in my birthday dinner. This restaurant wasn't improved anything about their service. Their waitresses and waiters are lacking. They mostly gather at the bar counter and chat to each other , play on their phone , or some time sit there and eat. Instead of greeting their customers at the front door and show them where to sit, the waitress still raise their voice from the the counter to tell you that take a seat anywhere you want which is very unkind and not professional at all. We didn't get our water until we asked for it. Although the restaurant wasn't busy at the time, but I had to wait too long to order our food. The waitress who gave me an upset feeling 3 years ago is still working there. After giving us the menu, she was going to sit at the other customer's table to chat while we were waiting for someone to take our order. Finally, a new face waitress who spoke barely English came to take our order. Normally when you come to others restaurant like this, the waitress pr waiters whoever serve your table at the time are usually say hi and welcome you. they will introduce them-self and they will serve at your table till the end. However, at Meun Fan Thai Cafe, we never got an chance to know any name of those waiters or waitress. They never say hi or welcome . they dont even bother to introduce about their food except " are you ready for your order?" We ordered some ice tea, beer for my family and a glass of Chardonnay for myself, but my wine never came out. At this restaurant, It seems like one time serve for the drink because the waitress or waiters never bother to ask or check if their customers need another drink afterward. Our ice tea and water weren't refilled. The other waitress whoever delivered food to our table never asked how is everything. Or If anything was be missing from our order. If she was care enough, she could find out that one of our main dish was missing, and one dish was a mistake .I will totally understand and can forgive for those mistakes if the restaurant was in busy time, but it wasn't. . Let talk about the food quality, Our Large size Tom Ka Goong soup cost 12.95 which we were told enough to share for 4 people, but each of us just has 2 pieces of shrimp with a few mushroom. The whole pot has only 8 shrimp. I also learned another experience that The price we paid for our bill was totally higher than the price we checked on their online menu. I don't know how this restaurant can keep their business if the owner wasn't care to improve about their lacking, unprofessional service, and be aware about the quality of their food. Although I do love their food, I won't give any chance to come back this place. I don't think I would bother to support them with my Togo orders.

delectable food AND phenomenal service
Reviewer: Nat from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lived in the neighborhood of this restaurant for well over a decade and finally ate here just a few months ago. The food is delicious! I dont know why it took so long!! Ive had tom yum gai soup, their AMAZING dressing (with the basic house salad) and garlic pepper tofu. Everything Ive eaten has been delicious. As for service, these people are great! I was driven to write this because I have had absolutely WONDERFUL experiences with staff. They make the restaurant feel like part of the "hood".

Great tom kai gai soup, hard to find parking
Reviewer: CaliGirlForever from Santa Barbara, CA
Stopped here to get food to go around 6pm on a Monday night. It was so packed and difficult to find parking. Had to drive around Lazy Acres lot for a while before found a spot. Almost every table was full and the food looked great that was going out. The waitresses seemed busier taking to-go orders and keeping things organized in the back than they were with the table service but then again, there were a lot of people ordering takeout. People waiting for their takeout orders were standing around the counter, and if I were seated in one of the tables near that area, it would have been distracting to try to enjoy a meal with people standing up just a few feet from the table. Their tom kai gai soup is so far my favorite in SB. A large order did not seem very large so we ordered 2 large orders because this is our favorite soup ever and we wanted a big portion to enjoy. Very friendly place and fun atmosphere.

Great food, horrible service every time
Reviewer: Michaella from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently found out about this place..since than, I have been here about 4 times. Every time the food has been amazing but the service has been terrible. Except the one time I went with my feyonce and the owners were there, they were extremely friendly and great about customer service. When I went there at about 5:00 with my whole family one day, all of the waitresses were standing around/sitting at the bar talking and doing something on their cell phones, they did not greet us they just said across the room "(sit anywhere)"we were the second group in the resturant, no music playing, one of the waitresses was eating at the bar so all the customers could see and when she walked up to our table it looked like we were bothering her and like it was a chore for her to help us, she said "do you guys know what you want to order or do you need more time?" No smile or anything. I was so imbarised with the way we were treated and so disappointed because I had been ranting and raving about this restraunt to my family. Than as more people came into the resturant they finally turned on music and started "working". All of the waitresses have bad attitudes and they hardly ever smile, it makes me not feel welcome and like I am hassling them. I think I will be ordering to go from now on.

EXCELLENT Hidden Gem, Fabulous Service & Classy Decor
Reviewer: Candace from Santa Barbara, CA
This place was right by my boyfriend's work so we decided to try it one day. What a find! It's tucked right off the street so it's a little tricky to get into the parking lot. However, once inside the environment is so clean, classy, and cute! The service is usually very friendly (we've only had one unfortunate experience with a female waitress before in all our times going) and the food is PHENOMENAL. I always get the drunken noodles or Chicken Basil dish. The rice soup is also amazing. My boyfriend and I both are now graduated and leaving SB, but we will certainly be back :)

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