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Crushcakes & Cafe - Santa Barbara
1315 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-9353

Reviews by the General Public

Wasted potential in a solid gold location
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
I want to love Crushcakes. It's got a menu that appeals, it's close to my office, and the interior is cute as a button. But the reality is, I have been let down over and over. From called-in orders that take over twice as long as stated (really? 25 minutes for a bagel?) to distracted, borderline surly servers to charred, inedible bread and bagels - Crushcakes has failed on every front. I've tried going back several times over the past year and had the same disappointing experiences, so I know it's no fluke.

Reviewer: Mel from Santa Barbara, CA
I am kind of surprised that people like this place so much. I have tried this place a few times and while the cupcakes are neat looking and sound delicious, they are lacking in flavor and super dense, not very moist and not what a cupcake should be. Honestly,I feel like the boxed stuff you buy at the store is better.

No cupcakes ready when open
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
Crushcake hours say 9-5 however I went there right when they opened to get a dozen cupcakes for a birthday party. They only had 5 cupcakes out which were red velvet. I asked where the other cupcakes were and she said that that's all they had right now. When asked when they would have more cupcakes done she said 11. That is ridiculous! Maybe they should change their hours. Very disappointed.

Delicious breakfasts and lunches. Haven't tried the sweets.
Reviewer: CaliGirlForever from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a review of the cafe- it is fun, local, comfortable, welcoming, fresh, simple, relaxing, and delicious. Staff was friendly and smiling. Great ambiance, either inside or outside but I personally love sitting outdoors. It felt quiet and private even though there were other customers sitting near us talking. Mexican mocha was soooo yummy and I do not usually order anything sweet or chocolaty but this was highly recommended. Ordered the grilled bagel and lox and it was wonderful. It was simple but exactly what I wanted and a very generous serving. All the paninis with brie and/or pesto are delicious too. This is a hidden gem. No complaints and plan on bringing guests here when they come to visit.

Best Cupcakes!!!
Reviewer: Tiffany from Vandenberg AFB, CA
I am suprised to see some of the reviews of "Crushcakes." I have been there several times and in fact I am going to Santa Barbara this weekend just to get their cupcakes. They are very moist and do have a lot of frosting (which is how I like my cupcakes)! It its definitely worth the drive and money for them. I have always had great customer service there. I even got to meet the owner, Shannon, and she was very nice!! This is definitely worth trying out!!

Enjoyed them!
Reviewer: Virginia Paxton from San Francisco, Ca.
Good cupcakes, happy overall!

Neg Reviews For CrushCakes are a Scam
Reviewer: Andrew Baker from Santa Barbara, CA
Love crushcakes, too much as I live on Laguna St, about three blocks away, far too close for this kind of yumm. But what isn't yummy at all is all the scam negative reviews here. While some have to be true, can't please everyone, a majority of them suggest trying "Whodiddly." Others that over and over pick apart a recipe only the way a person who bakes cupcakes would do, talking about leavening agents this and that cooking stuff etc. Considering how hard Whodiddly is working here to crush CrushCakes, it must tell you something about how good Crushcakes is versus them. - AB on Laguna St and at

Disatisified all around
Reviewer: Lia Ricafort from Thousand Oaks, CA
Per Yelp's assistance, I went there last weekend on our way back to Thousand Oaks. I barely beat the clock since they were about to close. Customer Service was not good. The two girls behind the counter never smiled and in fact had glum faces. There cupcakes were okay nothing special. Overall, my first time visit was uneventful. I don't recommend the place. I will try the other cupcake place Whodidily.

Wonderful Service!!!
Reviewer: Susie McCowin from Santa Barbara, CA
Me and my husband went in there looking for some yummy treats! And boy were we satisfied!! The employees were so nice! I got the Crumbcake and my husband got the vegan Red Velvet, they were so good! AND SO MOIST! NOT DRY (crazy people!) Also, the employee who helped us was so helpful. I think her name was Rebecca. Two thumbs up!

Reviewer: Kat from Santa Barbara, CA
The cupcakes, to start off with, are AMAZING. They are made fresh hourly and are the best cupcakes I have ever had besides the ones I make myself. The breakfast was great! I LOVE the red velvet pancakes, definitely a must order either for lunch or breakfast! I love the cooky titles for their dishes, such as "Chickened Out", haha! The food is... well... amazing! I can't describe it! The service was wonderful too and P.S. order their marble cupcake!

Reviewer: Kathleen from Santa Barbara, CA
Crushcakes make the best red velvet pancakes, i crave them all the time. They make good cupcakes there not heavy and rich, you can eat five and not feel over sugared. Its a cute place to eat alone or meet friends i would recomend it to anyone who loves the small corky cafe feeling. They have good service, the experience is fun. p.s they make a mean iced chai! Overall this is one of my favorite places to eat.

Better than the rest
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
Crushcakes is delicious! Crushcakes makes their cupcakes home made, my favorite is the cookies and cream-perfection!I think it is very suspicious that there are ANY negative reviews about this place, maybe it's other cupcakeries that use box mix. If you haven't tried Crushcakes you must!

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