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All India Cafe
431 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 882-1000

Reviews by the General Public

New Owners - Food Quality Nose Dives, 8/20/2013
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
All India Cafe was our favorite place to go for was hands down MUCH BETTER than Flavor of India. Notice I said WAS. New owners took over in mid 2013, and the quality of every dish has changed for the awful. Chicken Tikka Masala was inedible, Palak paneer was a runny pile of goo, and the Chicken Vindaloo was downright horrible. The samosas tasted like they were fried, left out for hours, then refried. I am so disappointed. I refuse to go to Flavor of India. I guess Spice Ave. will have to do.

Wonderful experience
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
Was visiting from Chicago, where we have terrific Indian restaurants. Loved the Chicken curry and the Lamb masala. All of the dishes were hot and flavorful. Service was very strong as well. We liked the atmosphere very much and would highly recommend.

OK food and poor service
Reviewer: Mukesh from Santa Barbara, CA
I usually go to Flavor of India which is the best in town, my bad to have given this restaurant a try, the wait staff guy was not helpful and friendly at all, will not go back

Lunch Buffet is Fantastic
Reviewer: Emily from Santa Barbara, CA
I frequent the lunch buffet regularly when I don't have a lot of time and it is consistently fantastic. The servers are very nice, and the food quality is very high. The Tikka Masala is delicious; it's not dyed that awful pink/red color, they let the spices naturally color the dish (and it's tender white chicken meat). The other dishes fluctuate and it's nice to have some variety. The chutney selection is fantastic too, it's amazing what a dollop of tomato chutney on naan does, it's like crack!

Good Food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Although I'm a Flavor of India fan this place was a good second. The food was really good. The waiters were really nice. Lots of tables. The mango chicken along with the tandoori platter was really good, they also have the local card 2 for 1($10 off) deal. Definitely a place to try.

Tasteless food
Reviewer: Vishal from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a Indian and i know how Indian food tastes. This was probably the worst food i ever ate. Tasteless food. We had to ask the waiter again and again for our naan, but we were ignored. We could easily tell that the food was not fresh. I would rather eat frozen food, than wasting my money there.

amazing food n great service
Reviewer: Brenda from Lompoc, CA
i went on sunday night to have dinner at all india cafe in santa barbara and i loved it the food was amazing, i had the chicken curry with fried rice and garlic naan it was so delicious great flavor, and the staff were very nice and made me feel welcome i for sure will go back again..

Worst indian food ever
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
Friendly staff, tasteless food. I had an indian roommate and used to eat indian food every once in a while cooked by his mom. Not even close!

Fantastic Indian food experience
Reviewer: Hendrik from Santa Barbara, CA
The nirvana chicken was, well, self-explanatory. The staff was super friendly; we'll be back for sure!

This place needs to pull up their socks.
Reviewer: Cliff Burton from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten at this place before, Honestly this place is lacking it's luster. Their food has no spiciness, tastes what's so ever. They really need to step up their game considering the amount of Indian restaurants are there on State street itself. They just totally suck at everything. Usually they serve food for lunch from previous night, when asked that to the waiter they blatantly deny it even though anybody can tell it's from last night. That is so sad.

worst chicken tika masala
Reviewer: hunter johnson from Santa Barbara, CA
we went to all india cafe on saturday night ,the place looked pretty empty,but we wanted to give another indian resturant a try ,we wanted to give it a try ,the quality of food is not good at all,even the ctmasala tasted very weird.

Santa Barbara County's Best Indian Food
Reviewer: Roy Hildestad from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent food, very nice staff. Sister of the landmark All India Cafe in old town Pasadena. The building is average, but the food is superior. Try the Masala Dosa (it's not on the menu, just ask for it.) I'm a consultant who travels 9 months a year to all the major U.S. cities and eats with colleagues from India at their favorite restaurants. All India Cafe compares with the best.

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