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El Pollo Loco - Upper State
2984 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 563-8099

Reviews by the General Public

try 4 yourself, 5/1/2015
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
The chicken was cooked good. The chicken tortilla soup was pipeing hot and tasty. Good chips, rice,and avacado salsa. Could use slightly deeper salsa cups and the air conditioning in on to cold.

Enchiladas del infierno
Reviewer: Rex Of SB from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd always wished that El Pollo Loco had cheese enchiladas. Now they do. Can I have my wish back? I don't know how they can manage to burn the tortillas so badly that they can't be cut with a knife, yet have the enchilada remain cold on the inside. Not warm, but actually cold. The sauce is reminiscent of canned pizza sauce. These enchiladas are the yardstick by which truly terrible Mexican food can now be measured. El Pollo Loco's heavily advertised pork carnita torta, while not terrible, is bland and forgettable. I guess it's best to leave El Pollo Loco to what it does best--chicken. God, those cheese enchiladas were awful.

Reviewer: delia from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was okay.. The service was horrible we had placed a order from here for a meeting of 100 people they had told us they had everything in place and the order would be there by a certain time, that time came around and no show.. half hour later they delivered the food and they were very rude just threw the tortillas on the table and didnt even apoligize for the horrible service. Not the place to order for catering.

Reviewer: Silviya from Santa Barbara, CA
i love ur skinless breast fills me up well n i suit my diet. Real Chicken and very tasty. 5 stars for el pollo loco

pretty good
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
tried it yesterday..thought it was pretty good. Chicken ranch is better.

good food
Reviewer: sofia goena from Santa Barbara, CA
hi my name is Sofia Carlota Goena i love your burritos alot because they taste so good. i really like your indoor seating area because it is so nice and warm inside. thanks again for everything.

Yummy Chicken
Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
3 Piece white meat chicken meal, Oh Boy i was there this morning at 12:21, chicken melt in my mouth, side order vagitables were just awesome, i have Almost Forgotten el pollo loco, but after today i will go there more often.

Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
The chicken here is better than at other nearby fast food chicken places (unnamed to be polite). We love to pick up a large order and picnic in the park or at the Thursday evening concerts by the beach. Nice choice of different menu items and salsas are good too.

Good food, not as good as La Salsa though
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Typical El Pollo Loco. I will ding them for being out of a side and for the salsa bar being out of things. Healthier than McDs but try La Salsa in five points and you will be glad you did.

Best Fast Food in Town!
Reviewer: Deborah from Montecito, CA
This is really the best fast food place in town, and actually its definitely a cut above fast food. However, there is no atmosphere, so I just always get my food to go. It is terrific chicken and all the veggies are great too. The salad is outstanding. The price is right, and in addition to being healthy grilled chicken the vegetables are fabulous. Don't forget to try the flan, pretty yummy dessert! You can't beat it for fast, inexpensive, healthy food. I have bought food there once a week for a couple of years. Let me tell you, when you are really hungry and in a hurry, it beats, Carls, McDonalds, Pizza, and any other fast food options in town! And its healthy food too! The service and staff are quite nice as well. One thing that is nice, that other "chicken places" in Santa Barbara don't allow, is that you can get dark meat or thighs, or white meat or whatever. You aren't stuck to a certain menu configuration with the type of chicken pieces ordered. Overall, one of the BEST down to earth values for prepared food in Santa Barbara! The food would also be excellent for any event as I understand that they cater as well.

Who says lunch can't be for breakfast?
Reviewer: Angela from Santa Barbara, CA
It was early Saturday morning about 11:20am and i thought what the heck are we doing here so early? Isn't it still breakfast time? Normally i wouldn't be eating at a joint like this until lunch time but boy was i glad to be there once our food was served! Everything was cooked fresh, the chicken melted in my mouth, the side items were all fresh and even my 3 yr. old cleaned his plate! now that is rare. We were asked how everything was by a cute little gal that worked there and she even offered my son a balloon now that was an unexpected bonus to me. The chicken at El Pollo Loco was very moist. I often forget about this place but after this experience i will be going there more often!

how to get quick, tasty, healthy, cheap food....
Reviewer: kathie rose from ann arbor, mi
i like this place. you can get a chicken leg or chicken soft taco off the dollar menu. the chicken is delicious and tastes somewhat like meat from a street vender in mexico. take your dollar menu prize (get a couple or you'll leave hungary) over to the taco bar and enjoy the fresh cilantro, pico de gallo, and avacado salsas. MMM fresh veggies! now you have a cheap, delicious, and healthy meal. if you want to be decident get the flan. it does not have the carmelized glaze of 'real' flan, but it is creamy and very very tasty. i don't particularly like the tequilla lime chicken. go for the classic chicken recipe. wish they would BBQ the meat without the skin on it. other than that no complaints. service is a 3 simply because it is fast food without a drive thru, and sometimes there is a line. the staff are nice, and the fact that most patrons are mexican should say something regarding authenticity of the chicken.

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