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Muddy Waters Coffee House
508 E. Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-9328

Reviews by the General Public

favorite spot
Reviewer: Stelle McRae from Santa Barbara, CA
I come here about 2 times a week. I love the interior, the furniture and the entire atmosphere in this place. I am not a fan of Starbucks / Coffee Bean at all, due to the big crowds, esp. on weekends. Muddy waters is the perfect little place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, meet some locals or just hang out for a few hours and read a book or get some work done on the computer.

Poor Food, Ambience
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Server was nice beyond that where do I begin? Sandwich was just Ok, they are Cash Only and had the ATM machine out though were trying to get it working. The Chai was like spiced water, maybe the worst I've had in SB. The ambience is like a stoner's garage with incense in the air. The location is isolated. I think this place has some regular locals, looks like they have wifi too. This place had too much funkiness for me and needs a remodel. They do have music at night, does not seem the safest place to be at night?

Nice service, pretty good coffee/food
Reviewer: Michele from Santa Barbara, CA
The food and the coffee here were served with a smile. The coffee wasn't bitter like Starbuck's. It was smoother and had a more authentic coffee taste, like Peet's. The place wasn't horribly busy, but there was a steady stream of customers which was great because it makes you confident people are patronizing the place without it being so crowded it takes you 10 minutes just to get your coffee. The service was friendly and fast and accurate. My only gripe would be that the place could be a bit cleaner. There was "older than just today" dirt around the machines and my cup came with some lipstick stains on one side. I had to send it back to get a clean cup. I got many apologies, but then wondered what was on my cup that I couldn't see. If they cleaned it up a bit in there, I'd make it my regular place.

Great folks
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
I stop in here a couple of times a week, the woman in the AM is the Greatest!! Friendly, helpful, and always a good word. I didn't rate the food, as I'm only there for one thing...COFFEE!

Allergic to Beer
Reviewer: Isabella Trudeau from Santa Barbara, CA
I am very used to going out to bars that only serve beer, I'll just drink water while my friends drink. I was excited to hear though that Muddy Waters serves wine. I was there listening to a friend play when I ordered a glass of wine. Hmmmmm, They pulled the wine out from an under the sink cabinet. Then I was poured a glass of merlot with my lovely friend "Chuck's" label on it. Well I was charged 3.50 (not expensive for wine)but for 2 buck chuck. Come on guys...try and get something a little higher quality. Other than that I loved the atmosphere, music, and the friendly and attentive customer service.

Great atmosphere, great bands
Reviewer: JJ from Santa Barbara, CA
A fun, funky coffee shop with sandwiches, wine, beer, and some excellent live music shows and art. But they don't have open mic anymore. :(

Englishman finds the coolest place in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Les Acton from Nottingham England
First time in Santa Barbara. Arranged to meet my daughter forlunch. She works a block down at the vets. Friendly girl made the sandwich just as I like it served it up with coffee and a smile and commented on my english accent. Fell into conversation with one of the regulars looked at the art etc. This is cool place to meet. Any other Englishmen visiting Santa Barbarbar get yourself down to the Muddy. I will return soon.

Very accommodating
Reviewer: Raul Duke from Santa Barbara, CA
I knew this was the place for me the moment I walked in. Friendly, beautiful, smiling brew girls, especially the sassy fiery red-haired, sinfully sultry one! They really care for their customers to say the least. My first time visiting I had quite an embarrassing yet heart warming experience. You see, I still wasn't over the ramifications of the previous nights local Mexican buffet exploits, so I had an "accident" on my way there. I explained the "situation" quietly to one of the young ladies and she had a pair of pants that an ex-employee left. So I sat there graciously and sipped the finest coffee to ever part my lips in a pair of mostly clean trousers (two decades removed) with a smile and a story for the grandkids. Muddy Waters indeed. Thank you.

great atmosphere, service and coffee
Reviewer: alex from Santa Barbara, CA
Great, friendly service. AMAZING lattes. And the atmosphere is the best, mellow, eclectic art comfortable chairs. The BEST peach muffins. Also free wi fi, easy free parking nearby and significantly less expensive then many of the state street coffee shops.

Eye Candy at the Local Coffee Shop
Reviewer: Shaun from Santa Barbara, CA
Talk about service with a smile... I walked out of this place with a huge dopey grin on my face after my brief visit to this place. There were two girls behind the counter... one was... well not the most eager to help. But the other girl was quite spunky... holding her own with a group of guys that seemed to know her well. The sandwhich I had was terrific, and this girl definitely made my day. I can see why there were so many dudes hanging out at the counter. I will probably duck in again very soon.

Quite The Experience
Reviewer: Brit from Santa Barbara, CA
I hadn't been to MW in a few years and was expecting the experience to be the same. Not even close! The staff is much friendlier... to both regulars AND new faces. Very random, yet intriguing conversations are always in progress, and no matter how busy it is, you always get your order in a timely manner. I'd say MW, is definitely going to be my new spot to get my caffeine fix.

I love my Muddy!
Reviewer: Anne from White's from Goleta,Ca
I love it that the gals, Courtney and Rachel know me, hook me up with my triple mochas or espresso's and my bagels. I get asked what I am needing as soon as I walk in the door. And how I am doing, niceness counts! A Great personal service kind of coffee house. Great art, I have not been there for the entertainment in the evenings, but they know how to keep me happy with my morning coffees and breakfasts. I will keep being faithful to my friendly gals, who hook me up everyday. Thanks to all of you that make my Muddy a Great experience!

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