Reader Christine sent a tip letting me know that the Facebook page for a Solvang eatery has announced its closure. “It is with the heaviest hearts and most disappointments that we are announcing the closure of Bacon & Brine,” says owner Chef Pink. “We can not express enough gratitude for those who’ve helped along the way and the support of this community that we’ve experienced.” Crystal “Chef Pink” DeLongpré and her wife and business partner, Courtney Rae DeLongpré, opened Bacon & Brine at 1622 Copenhagen Drive in Solvang in June 2014.

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  1. Steve Kantor says:

    I would really like the whole story to come out. Chef Pink and Courtney funded their restaurant through community funding. They were loved and their food was great. What happened?

  2. rick says:

    Hello all of you patient and supporting folks.
    My heart is broken from every which way as I tell you that Bacon & Brine has closed it’s doors as of 8/12. We are legally bound to not disclose why, but it was not for lack of support, good food, hard work and great business.
    As many of you may know we had financial hardship since day one of our new project as the restaurant space we took over had not been kept up to code for 30 years…..yeah. We ended up having to foot the bill for massive reconstruction and although the 20,000 in fundraising we received helped, and was so graciously given, it was less than 10% of what it took to open the doors.
    We are so sorry that we were not able to keep our “perk”commitments to you for your fundraising donations and I hope that you can accept our heartfelt apology and believe we entered into this project with all good intentions.

    If you feel that we have truly wronged you, as some seem to and can not understand the compromised situation we were put into, please keep it in your heart and mind that there is only so much the two of us can do.
    We love and thank you all and hope that you will all understand.
    Thank you,
    Chef Pink & Courtney Rae

    Chef Pink

    Owner // Chef

    Bacon & Brine

  3. Christine! says:

    I am so sorry to read that- I have several friends who contributed to the kickstarter/fundraising efforts- including one who purchased a evening of teaching/eating that was never spoken about after donating the funds. When it was casually brought up to the owners, she was always given a hearty THANK YOU for your support comment- and it was left at that.

    It has been pointed out that they put $300,000+ into a restaurant that they also paid monthy rent to, they did not own the building…we have all seen, countless times, people with much talent go into business without much business sense, and maybe they are now on one side of a lawsuit if they are bound to keep tightlipped on what really happened.

    Either way- these gals are much loved, and are having a LAST HOORAH send off Thursday 4 or 5 pm to 8 pm at Bacon & Brine, with EVERYTHING that isn’t nailed down for sale- kimchi available if you bring your own containers.

    • rick says:

      Would have been nice if they invited all their kickstarter supporters first! No e mail, no call, no meeting their offer and commitment! Sorry, not the way to treat your local supporters and customers! I do wish them well! Will have second thoughts before I offer cash for future kickstarter campaigns!

      • Christine! says:

        It is rather deplorable- and I am pretty sure they never, ever intended for this to be their 1 yr anniversary situation…..they made it just shy of a week to being open a year.

  4. Christine says:

    “We are legally bound to not disclose why…” Goes on to say the facility was out of code and caused them to take on funding the upgrades…

    I’ve been a big fan of Chef Pink’s food and will continue to be, but this sounds like airing dirty laundry and that’s not pretty at all.

    Please come back down to SB! Even Goleta, maybe? Or Carp?

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