A native Californian, Chef Justin Snyder has returned to his roots by accepting the role of head chef at Barbareño, 205 West Canon Perdido Street.  At the age of 28, Justin has a wide breadth of experience working for some of the world’s most acclaimed chefs, such as Michael Voltaggio, Hideaki Sato, and Bruno Chemel.  Having honed his craft through work in places such as Hong Kong, Paris, and Hawaii, Justin is inspired to combine flavors from various ethnic cuisines with the freshest ingredients that Santa Barbara has to offer, all interpreted though the lens of a Michelin-trained chef.  Not afraid to push the limits, Justin is able to seamlessly marry modern cooking techniques with age-old methods to create dishes that are at once familiar, but at the same time completely novel and delicious.  At Barbareño, Justin seeks to further the restaurant’s mission of exploring the regional flavors of the Santa Barbara area, delving further into the culinary history, traditions, and ingredients of California’s Central Coast.  By using his extensive training, Justin hopes to bring a new level of creativity and refinement to the restaurant’s menu.

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  1. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    What happened to the former head chef? Isn’t he a co-owner? Glad to see these place seems to be doing well. Great concept just needs some work in execution from our experience.

  2. Dugan says:

    Barbareno had been “going down” in the past year, maybe living too much off its “early reputation” ?
    Hope the new chef does better.
    S.B. is in desperate need of truly great restaurants.

  3. Art says:

    Always loved the food but because of the wine pour by the glass I won’t be going back. They charge $12 and up for wine by the glass and pour what seems to amount to about 4 oz.s This seems to me to be the smallest pour in town

    • VT says:

      Reason #1 we go to Benchmark. They fill the wine glass up, for $12

    • Jonathan says:

      I ate at Barbareno last night. They are slowly making additions/changes to the menu, and the changes look very good. I am happy to report that the wine by the glass was of very good size (maybe not as good as BM ;<) ).

      I'm excited for what is happening as they up the their game even more.

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