Local food trucks could soon be a thing of the past if a new zoning ordinance is passed. Reader Primetime says the a battle is underway between food trucks and the Santa Barbara planning commission. A new ordinance will make it illegal for food trucks to park on private property even if they have an agreement with the property owner. Burger Bus owners Michael and Cheryl Gardner are calling it quits after an 8 year presence in Santa Barbara because they say food trucks are being forced out of  business. View the video story on KEYT. View my column on the subject from December 2015.

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14 Responses to FOOD TRUCK FIGHT

  1. John Dickson says:

    Here are comments on Facebook:

    • Why are they so against food trucks? There are some amazing food trucks in LA and other cities, why should they city care if they park on private property? So lame!
    • The city is out of control! Way to support small business SB (sarcasm) This town is losing all its flavor … State St is a mess, the Funk Zone has no character anymore and so many apartments buildings going up. Some days I’m not sure why I still live here.
    • Way to go city…. They love to “regulate” to the point of pushing everyone besides the extreme elite out of the city. It’s a continual process it seems and with no end….
    • Well thats some BS.. I miss the great burgers from Burger Bus from my time in SB. they are great asset to the community and always involved in events put on by local businesses and organizations that make santa barbara such a paradise to live in.. time to make a trip down south to grab my last jalapeño jelly burger
    • Such an over-regulated city. I remember the days when fun wasn’t illegal in SB.
    • You know that’s pretty stupid. I’ve lived in Portland and San Diego and food trucks are a big draw and money makers. We go to brew pubs and out and about just to cruise the food trucks and local bars. Why go out now to those areas if the awesome food is missing? Staying home and giving Vons my beer money now
    • Is there a way to overthrow the city planning commission with people with sound judgement?
    • Horrible! Who are these overpaid blowhards making these decisions???
      Cleaning the swamp should start at home!

    • Remember, it’s not what the locals want, it’s what’s best for the tourist industry.
    • Way to go Santa Barbara making sure that all your old friends in the restaurant business get all the money and kick out the little guy
    • Sad. I love the burger bus!
    • UCSB welcomes all the food trucks!
    • What next.
    • Just seeing the Burger Bus makes my mouth water! Love The Burger Bus!
    • This is ridiculous!
    • Man, we can’t have anything good!
    • Wow this is sad. One of my fave foods is the Lardon food truck in LA. Peoples livelihoods could be compromised. Come on SB!
    • Noooo, better not pass
    • It goes along with the underlying No Fun policies that are many times adopted here in SB.
    • Who cares roach coaches in SB are horrible anyway.. dirty smelly .. and the food sucks! SHUT EM DOWN SB!!!!
    • In los angeles people love the trucks. It is so hard for people to go someplace to get food they love the trucks being right out side.
    • Food truck are good SB wasting time on this there’s better things to deal with
    • Oh that’s just bull! So glad I moved away
    • Ridiculous
    • Wow. Entrepreneurship support at its best. NOT!
    • Keep food trucks
    • Well that didn’t last for very long.
    • It’s always something
  2. Hefe says:

    There’s a mobile veterinary operating from a “truck” and many other mobile businesses in town. Who has the right to decide which businesses can operate outside of a brick and mortar?

  3. Rex Of SB says:

    This is why it is crucial to vote out every single incumbent member of the City Council when they’re up for reelection. Perhaps if we had a Council that had a collective clue, it could rein in equally obtuse and draconian groups such as the horribly inept and out-of-touch Planning Commission.

  4. Christine! says:

    You elected them to take care of you Santa Barbara…out of touch is a nice way of saying it. I understand having standards and regulation/inspections, but to simply say NO MORE is baloney!

  5. Gerald Bostock says:

    I realize this is Planning Commission, but do have some suspicion toward Randy Rowse, owner of Paradise Cafe.

    How does Planning Commission justify preventing food trucks from operating in a parking lot to which they’ve been invited?!! Seems so wrong to me.

    To make a difference, you, I, we must write Planning Commission and show up at meetings. May be harder to do with the current focus on national politics… This anti-food truck mindset seems ridiculous to me. It fits perfectly with what is happening in town, or could fit. It’s a pro-brick and mortar movement, in support of what the Funk Zone has become. Good for the blessed one.

  6. Gerald Bostock says:

    I mean food trucks would fit well in our town and are being shut down by more powerful interests and restaurants. I wonder what Goleta’s doing. Can food trucks park in their brew pubs?

  7. Andy says:

    The city of SB has lost its mind. They don’t give a crap about locals. Also tourists love food trucks. Plus the people likening trucks like Tacos Pipeye, Burger Bus and Neighbor Tim’s to a roach coach just blow my mind.

    I also want to point out that John Palminteri’s recent KEYT special report on “law breakers” that put a negative spot light on food trucks was not appreciated. Crap journalism.

  8. Malachi Constant says:

    Gerald Bostock nailed it.
    Councilman Rowse is behind so many of these draconian measures such as the oversize vehicle ordinance which affects Sprinter owners and contractors work vans.
    Perhaps it’s to protect his interest in his godawful Paradise Café. Best thing is to call him and email him, and everyone on the city Council, and make your concerns known.

    Show up at Tuesday’s 2 PM city Council meeting and express your concerns over this ridiculous food truck ordinance.
    The city has ceased caring about the well-being and lifestyle of the citizens of Santa Barbara and favors the developers and anyone else eho lines their pockets.

  9. Ken Palley says:

    I love food trucks and they should not be banned. Reasonable regulation is one thing but the proposal sounds way too repressive. Who is complaining about them and why is what I’d like to know. I live in Noleta so I can’t vote on this issue but will most def reach out to the one council member I know.

    • Christine says:

      Vote? There’s no popular vote for this stuff. It’s just the planning commission making a decision. That’s why people (citizens) are calling for other citizens to call, write, and go to the meetings in person to voice our support of the food trucks.

      Sort of awful to be shut out of important decisions like this, isn’t it?

  10. Dave Pintard says:

    This is the most ridiculous ordinance and how they even have the right to issue such government regulation. To not be allowed by the government to invite whom ever we want to invite as our cater onto private property is absolutely absurd. What’s next?

  11. Adam says:

    Yet another example of the ineptitude that is the management of the City of SB. Instead of fostering small business, they put up every single obstacle and push it away. Instead of meeting the appetite of the citizens and the visitors, they regulate their desires out of the city. Instead of having a world class, incredible showcase of the beauty and diversity of SB with its weather and culture, they force the entrepreneurs to go elsewhere. Instead of a dozen trucks parked at Shoreline on Friday night, feeding the people and fostering the future of our small town, the city shuts the idea down and worse, enacts fees, fines and regulations to assure that it cannot happen.

    The sad part is that the very people who do these things are the ones who need the future more than any other. Their salaries and pensions are not going to be funded by more AUD and Section 8 housing and and a YoY flat ToT. The truth is that the future of SB is more akin to Orlando than St Tropez. Its lost its uniqueness, its color and its identity and unless the people take it back, it will be gone for good.

  12. Shannin Parks says:

    Funny Randy Rowse should take a long hard look at his employment practices, before he votes against food trucks.

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