A French Mediterranean Restaurant Bar known as The Little Door has opened across the street from the Santa Barbara County Courthouse at 129 East Anapamu Street, the former home of Piano Riviera Lounge and Elements Restaurant & Bar. The Little Door’s flagship location in West Hollywood at 8164 West 3rd Street was voted “Most Romantic Restaurant in L.A.” in 2016 based on an OpenTable survey. The Little Door’s Facebook page describes the business as follows: “Santa Barbara invites you to enjoy our new menu inspired by the atmosphere and eclecticism of French Mediterranean kitchen. We bring together harmonious dishes & the right musical ambiance, overlooking the breathtaking Sunken Garden to please all your senses. Come along and enjoy a unique dining experience & celebrate Santa Barbara’s ‘Joie De Vivre’ with us!” The Little Door is open daily 4:30-10 p.m. and closed on Sundays. Call 560-8002 or visit

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  1. Barry says:

    I hope the prices are lower than the ones I see on their West Hollywood menu. $54 for an appetizer, too rich for my bank account.

  2. Jon True says:

    I stopped by to look at the menu. The prices are higher than anyone would expect. I asked about their Happy Hour and was told they offer NO FOOD items. Who knows, they might get a crowd like the overpriced and charmless Hungry Cat, another L.A. appendage on Chapala and Anapamu once did, but I wouldn’t bet on this restaurant making it here.

    • The Little Door Santa Barbara says:

      It is true that we don’t offer a HH food menu now. We are softly opening and everything takes take. We will have a HH menu starting at 4h30 soon !

    • The Little Door Santa Barbara says:

      I truly apologise for the wait. We are in soft opening and we add a few more items every week to our menu. We know we still have space for improvement and work hard. Thank you very much for your patience and inputs.

  3. Gerald Bostock says:

    No SB menu online yet. Yes, very expensive, per the Hollywood site menu.
    Alcazar, Cadiz, Tupelo Junction, Loquita come to mind for good nibbles. The first reviews on Yelp, for what that’s worth, are great. No photo of the menu.

    • The Little Door Santa Barbara says:

      We were really careful with prices. And yes our prices are lower than the ones in West Hollywood. We still haven’t posted our menu on line as we still don’t have the full menu yet. We add a few items every week and should have the all menu by the end of our third week. You will find the same philosophy same flavors same colors and inspiration and a unique signature in town, our Chef Jean Paul Luvanvi.

  4. Gerald Bostock says:

    The photos of interior are beautiful, to me.

  5. Rebecca says:

    The interior picture is not at all current, that’s from the old Piano days. And the exterior picture is from before the remodel was finished. The final product is stunning. I hope that someone updates the post to fairly represent the work that they put into this. It’s magical in there. The food is delicious. You can just grab a glass of wine in the bar or do dessert only (chocolate fondue for two or lemon tart) if you want to have The Little Door experience on a budget. Be thankful for businesses that bring jobs and taxes into our community.

    • John Dickson says:

      After they reopened these are the only pictures of the building that are posted on their Facebook page. I’ll take them down. Thanks for the tip

      • The Little Door Santa Barbara says:

        We kept the old FB to keep our followers and some pictures can’t be taken off. If you’d like more info or pictures I will glad to help you. Please feel free to ask ! Thank you for your kind article.

        • John Dickson says:

          You list Edward Ruesga as your chef on your Facebook page. You need to fix that. That is how he mistakenly ended up in my column about The Little Door.

    • Gerald Bostock says:

      FWIW, I was indeed referring to blue-lit photo of stunning light fixture in the Yelp SB photo list.

  6. Frequent Diner says:

    I wish only the best for anyone who goes onto to business. And these people are no different. Having said that, if their menu and price points are anything like their West Hollywood location, then they have an uphill battle. I like most locals have no interest in a $200.00 plus dinner for two.

    • The Little Door Santa Barbara says:

      We did pay attention and made sure our average prices were accurate for SB. Thank you for your encouragement. Looking forward to welcoming you.

  7. Hefe says:

    I disagree. Based on our dinner in West Hollywood I think there are plenty of people willing to pay for that quality.

    • The Little Door Santa Barbara says:

      However we decided to stick to the SB market and decrease a bit our prices. We worked hard with our local suppliers to be able to offer you the same quality. I hope you’ll visit our SB venue. Thank you for your kindness

  8. Foodie says:

    Just ate at the Santa Barbara location tonight. While the appetizer and entrees were delicious, the dessert was lacking. Also, I appreciate not being rushed through a meal, but 20 minutes for the appetizer to show up (it was a cold app, not cooked) and another 20 minutes after finishing your appetizer before entree arrived, was a bit long. Another 20 minutes before dessert arrived. We ended up sitting for 2 and a half hours, with at least one of those hours being spent waiting with twiddling thumbs. The seats were not nearly comfortable enough for that.

    • The Little Door Santa Barbara says:

      I truly apologise for the wait. We are in soft opening and we know we have space for improvement. We work hard on it. Thank you for your patience and inputs.

  9. julibelle says:

    The Little Back Door will be more expensive than other SB businesses but if they do as good a job up here as they do in LA – QUALITY all the way, all the time….we should be happy to finally get what we are charged for. SO much food in SB is overpriced for what is delivered that it is always a challenge to find something delicious to eat, prepared & served by engaged people in a pleasant non corporate environment…

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