Reader Primetime tells me that Mesa Burger at 315 Meigs Road reopened today after a 1 week pause following their opening last Monday.


mb2Menu photos provided by reader Primetime

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  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    There’s a conversation on Edhat. Hey, not everyone there has bad taste, let’s not join in on generalizing; no need to diss a local site because it’s not this one (I’ve gotten that feeling before from comments). Mesa Burger looks delicious!

  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    Meant to state that JP posted photo of menu on Edhat; I haven’t seen menu before.

  3. Hefe says:

    I had the harbor which was red snapper. The flavor was great although it wasnt much bigger than a slider….I drove down to Tino’s and got a deluxe and ate half to fill up.

  4. Deb says:

    Word has it they will be adjusting (lowering) their menu prices….Also, their sign is practically invisible from the street….We want them to stay! Friends have loved the burger (with three kids of beef), so will be trying it soon!

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