Ken Boxer, owner of Palazzio restaurant at 1026 State Street that closed for renovations last October (and unexpectedly discovered many issues that have kept it closed ever since), asked me to share this update with you:

Hi John,

Just wanted to give to you an update with Palazzio. The blueprints for the kitchen remodel has finally been submitted to City officials. I should be hearing from the Building Department within the next few weeks. If there are no changes to our plans, then we should be ready to begin our kitchen remodel shortly.

Palazzio has been closed almost 9 months now and we are so ready to reopen. We are thinking that December we should be reopening. Of course, if we can get finished sooner, this would be ideal.

We will be having a lot of great things happening at Palazzio.  Our menu will be expanded with lots of new ideas. I’ll keep your readers posted when we have our Grand ReOpening.

Thank you,
Ken Boxer

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5 Responses to PALAZZIO UPDATE

  1. Nikki says:

    Any new updates? Any sign of reopening?

  2. Bounlay Bounleuth says:

    Man I was just in town and didn’t know that it would be closed. I miss those rolls and everything on the menu was sooo good.praying to the pasta gods you’ll be open by the time I head down there again!

  3. Kristen says:

    I can’t wait for Palazzio to reopen! It’s the best restaurant in all of Santa Barbara. I used to drive over an hour just so I could have it on my birthday and special occasions. Now I live in Santa Barbara and my boyfriend has never had it, I can’t wait to take him and for it to become one of his favorite places to eat.

  4. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    Permits are expired, no work done in over a year. from what I heard the renovation is a no go.

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