Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone is home to an eclectic community of local shops, businesses and restaurants. Amongst the bunch are some of SB most popular tasting rooms. Eight Funk Zone wineries have teamed with Night Out Presents to offer a tasting pass and additional discounts on in-store purchases. For $52.44, Funk Zone Tasting Pass buyers can enjoy a tasting at Carr Winery, Deep Sea Winery, Kalyra, Area 5.1, Fox Wine Co., Corks N Crowns, Kunin, and Anacapa Vintners (an $80 value). This limited-time pass is available for purchase now until August 24th, and available for use any time or date during the purchasing period, after which the pass expires. You can purchase a pass online.

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  1. VT says:

    Don’t mean to nit-pik but Carr Winery…you are not in the Funk Zone, not even within walking distance…

  2. DC says:

    0.7 miles = walking distance for most

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