A new restaurant/sandwich shop named Bacon and Brine has opened at 453 Atterdag Road in Solvang. The eatery uses all locally raised pigs and produce from neighboring areas, with no ingredients from over 60 miles, except salt, vinegar and spice. Bacon and Brine offers a rotating menu of sandwiches based on what part of the pig they are using that week. About five sandwiches a week are available as well as soup and a few salads. Bread comes from The Bakers Table in Santa Ynez and they are making all of their own pickles and beverages. Everything is available gluten-free. The restaurant is open daily 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. except Tuesdays. For more information call 688-8809 or visit

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  1. Fay says:

    The sandwiches are very tasty, but a bit expensive. There is only outside seating in the square, which is very limited, but they offer patrons picnic blankets to borrow to sit in the grassy area of the square; cute idea, but a bit messy with the sandwiches.

    • Christine says:

      We’re planning a short family trip to Los Olivos in July and after I saw John’s appuncement here, we’re planning on stopping into B&B to grab lunch before we head out for a little wine tasting. Website doesn’t have a menu online but I understand the menu changes quickly. What sort of prices for a sandwich did you see on your visit?

      We enjoyed Chef Pink at Square One so we are going, regardless of pricing. Well, OK – if a sandwich is $20 we might reconsider. Thanks in advance, Fay!

  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    The menu is up. Looks fantastic! Great link to Valley Piggery, who run a pork CSA.
    I have a friend in another state who lasted almost 18 months with an organic meat store, including high-quality pre-made food. If you care about this mindset, the prices must be paid. Good luck to them!

  3. Christine says:

    The menu is now up and now has prices! I see two sandwich options only, one is $12 and one is $13. I’ve got to see this place to figure it out for myself but I’m not sure how a restaurant can survive with only two sandwich choices… I’m all for localvore-ing and supporting local business though! Maybe as they are only open for 4 hours a day that’s how they balance the books. Maybe I’ll better understand when I get to visit in a month!

    • Fay says:

      I should also mention that they were out of bacon when we got there; I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it’s kinda funny; ANY Food Network competition program would give serious frowns at this. Granted it was Memorial Day weekend, and they had only been open for a few weeks.

  4. julibelleSB says:

    I was there the other day and had a great experience! I’d rather pay 15.00 for a great tasting, truly local hand made sandwich than 11.00 for a mediocre one any day! They are much busier sooner than they anticipated so they are having some supply issues but stick with them – they are bringing something special & valuable to a dreary food scene.

  5. Faus says:

    Just ate at the b&b this memorial day weekend. I had my taste buds set for the brisket 🙁 it was around 1 o’clock and they already ran out. Disappointed since I came all the way from nor cal.

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