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Hi John,

I’m curious to know if any SB restaurants or bars will be playing this Sunday night’s Academy Awards broadcast.  Looking for a spot to watch and hoping you might have some insight…

– Katherine

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  1. j.w. says:

    Ca’Dario Pizzeria at 29 E.Victoria Street…. 957-2020 will be showing the Awards on their TV

  2. rumor man 80 says:

    i heard some guy off la cumbre will be showing it via iphone through his living room window!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This event is nearly sold out, no tickets will be available at the door…don’t miss!

    The Santa Barbara Film Club and E & B Events are proud to host “Oscar Night Santa Barbara” to be held Sunday, March 2nd at Reds Bar & Tapas.

    The festivities kick off at 4pm with red carpet arrivals and photos by MAC Photography for all attendees, and continue into the evening with giveaways, contests, prizes, drink specials, delicious delicacies, fabulous fashion, fun friends, and what promises to be a memorable Oscar ceremony hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

    Live music from Sean Wiggins Duo immediately follows the telecast.

    Tickets for this event are only $10 and must be purchased in advance; they are available online exclusively at

    Reds is located at 211 Helena Ave in the heart of the city’s Funk Zone art and entertainment district.

  4. RexOfSB says:

    Considering Santa Barbara’s infatuation with movies, I’m surprised that some enterprising local restaurateur hasn’t come up with the idea of an annual “Academy Awards Gala.” on Oscar night. For a set price, there would be an Awards Banquet and champagne, and the televised awards would be seen on huge-screen teevee set(s). Diners would be expected to dress to the nines, and of course they would make their grand entrances on a red carpet. Maybe even invite a couple of our local B-list celebrities to add a little color. Of course this could only work in a relatively small venue, which would pretty much have to be closed to non-participating guests for the evening. Hey, it could be fun!

    • RexOfSB says:

      Oops, I just read the post immediately above mine and I see this is already being done at Bacara. Still, it might be nice if some downtown restaurant could do it too.

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