This just in from now makes delivery available for downtown Santa Barbara residents and professionals. The service allows customers to order online for delivery from restaurants like South Coast Deli, SB Chicken Ranch, Chili’s Bar & Grill, Crushcakes Café & more, which are delivered directly to their door or business.

Originally launched in the Fall of 2008, is a website which lets customers view hundreds of local menus and order online from dozens of the Santa Barbara area’s favorite restaurants, all conveniently listed on their website. After the success of delivery in Goleta and Isla Vista, has expanded to Downtown and now offers online ordering for more than 60 restaurants between Isla Vista and Carpinteria, many of which previously lacked their own delivery service. That’s where has stepped in and made a user-friendly, on-demand delivery service available to Santa Barbara residents who can now order food online without having to go pick it up themselves or having to pass on restaurants that previously only offered takeout.

Since the business’ original launch over five years ago, has generated over 3,000,000 page views and 264,000 online orders for local restaurants – with over 100,000 of those orders taking place this past year in 2013. Dusty Stutsman and Bryan Brand, the company’s founders, expect the site to garner even more attention as their expanded service gains traction in Downtown Santa Barbara.

Featuring a diverse variety of popular restaurants, like classic lunch joints including Silvergreens, dinner hotspots such as Enterprise Fish Co., healthy choices like Backyard Bowls and even yummy treats like McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, the new delivery options on will let locals get adventurous with their dining options and add convenience to their experience. Customers can place their order (on a computer, tablet or even on a mobile phone) to avoid crowds to beat the lunch and dinner time rushes. Businesses will be able to plan and order ahead for group lunches to be delivered at specific times without ever having to call a restaurant or stand in line to pick up their giant order.

Not only will SB residents who use for their cravings get priority service, but they will also gain access to numerous different styles of cuisine that they would previously have had to visit in person to try, like sushi from Ichiban, ice cream from McConnell’s, or seafood at SB Fish Market. Plus customers are able to browse for whatever type of food they want, whenever they want. In order to provide customers with more flexibility, they can order delivery at anytime between 9:00am and 10:00pm daily.

With a small delivery fee of $4.99, it’s simple and affordable to get local food delivered directly to your door via In addition to saving customers money and time and offering flexible and open-late hours, will even feature exclusive specials. And since users have access to the website on both their computers and their phones, they will truly be able to order online when and wherever they want. Check out to see which local restaurants are available for delivery to your door.

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8 Responses to SB MENUS DELIVERS

  1. ruth says:

    Is this another company like Restaurant Connection or did Restaurant Connection change their name?

  2. Christine says:

    I think our small town couldn’t handle two of the same business, so Rest Connection went away.

  3. Jan Timbrook says:

    What do they consider “downtown” in regard to their delivery area?

  4. @Jan – Dusty from SBmenus here. Our delivery area essentially ranges from all of Downtown, Upper State, The Mesa and lower APS. No matter where you are, you can simply enter your current address into our site on your computer or mobile device and it will show you the restaurants that deliver right to you. We will be expanding our delivery area soon to include Montecito and other nooks and crannies of Santa Barbara and surrounding communities.

    @Christine & @Whirl – Restaurant Connection is still around as per our knowledge. Our goal is to bring you a well rounded selection of restaurants to the table (forgive the pun, or don’t) at a lower end cost to you the consumer. Additionally, our delivery hours are from 9am to 10pm seven days a week allowing you to order at your convenience whenever and wherever you’re hungry. Our site also allows you to order for takeout making it easy to plan ahead, beat lines and save time. We also work hand in hand with our restaurants to bring you exclusive specials that are available on our site.

    Would be happy to share more about our service and plans to continue providing you with an unbeatable service.

  5. Christine says:

    I can’t keep SBMenus or Restaurant Connection straight but I believe both were started by UCSB students, one was a purchased franchise and one was built ground-up? Either way, business expansion must mean you’re doing well and that’s positive news that can’t be ignored! Thanks for posting more info!

  6. Ed says:

    Looks a bit heavy on the student fodder sort of things–which may make sense from a business standpoint here.

    Not likely to find Seamless coming to SB.

  7. Danny says:

    I’ve used SBmenus a few times now and its great! (and restaurant connection countless times). The restaurants seem a little more low priced then the choices of restaurant connection but the ordering process is a snap online. But it does seem overall more for the student population then anybody. Still not going to keep me from getting more silvergreens delivery at work!

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