When I was a kid I used to think there were two Lake Cachumas – one for cold water and one for hot water. I was amazed when I eventually learned that there was a thing called a “water heater” in our home. What a brilliant idea – no need to heat up an entire lake!

On the subject of water, I recently heard about a small device that helps conserve water at home which is especially important now that Lake Cachuma is running low. The device is called “Evolve Water-Saving Shower-Head Adapter” and claims to save over 2000 gallons per year. I bought it and it works really well.

When you turn on your shower and wait for the water to heat up, this device automatically slows water to a trickle AFTER the temperature reaches 95 degrees, alerting you that the shower is now hot. You then pull a cord and water comes out at normal pressure once again.This effectively eliminates the problem of hot water going down the drain before you start your shower.

This device does not stop the cold water from going down the drain when you start your shower. A bucket is a great way to capture and reuse the cold water if you want to go a step further with water conservation.

The Evolve Water-Saving Shower-Head Adapter is available on for $25.95. I bought mine on eBay for $18.99 with free shipping. I checked several local stores including Home Depot and couldn’t find it.


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  1. gerald bostock says:

    Thank you John, for addressing SB’s drought, but I still prefer the bucket under the spout method, which I then use in the rock & xeriscaped yard, or to flush sinks when I run the unused-for-its-purpose disposal or toilets.
    Also, a timed hot water recirculating pump (I may be wrong on the terminology) primes hot water for apartments; it must work for houses too. No waiting for hot water for your 6 a.m. shower.

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