This just in from reader Ken:

Hi John –

Two large thumbs up for Mac’s Fish & Chip Shop (503 State Street) – Mac donated $910 to the Angel’s Foster care of SB from the sale of his Holiday Pies. That’s 182 pies at $5 a time. Mac’s too modest to tell you, so I am.

All the best,

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4 Responses to THANKS MAC

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for reminding me about how awesome Mac’s is. I missed that donation promo so I should return pronto to give them my business.

  2. Mac says:

    Cheers Ken. It was a combination of modesty and being too busy gazingly lovingly at myself in a mirror that delayed me reporting this to JD sooner. But seeing as you mention it, big thanks to everyone that supported the appeal. Hopefully now we can get back to selfishly selling pies with 100% of proceeds to the Mac’s Kids College/Bail Fund Appeal. Cheers, Mac.

  3. Mand says:

    Nicely done, Mac. Bet they were tasty…I’ll be in soon to contribute to the college fund.

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