The 8th-annual Restaurant Survey of your favorite places for food & drink has begun. The online survey runs each year throughout December and the results will be published in January. The survey results, which cover 99 categories, will be displayed on the Restaurant Guide Best Of page throughout 2014. New categories this year include Best Mac & Cheese and Best Funk Zone Destination.

To vote for your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries & more visit:

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  1. Christine says:

    First to predict winners Rusty’s Pizza and Woody’s BBQ (although I think both stink)! Come on people, let the old history go and give some credit to some new places who really deserve to win!

    Bravo John for the Survey!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thanks Christine for actually saying what I was thinking.

  3. Glenn says:

    There is a bias towards restaurants that are chains as someone votes for Rusty’s in Goleta, in Carp, in SB etc and all that add ups to more than those who have tried a single place that might be better. Its the nature of the beast. I vote Giovanni’s and will probably vote Georgias BBQ. I like Rustys though having grown up on it sentimental or otherwise. I have avoided Woodys unless I want to use a coupon. It used to be the only BBQ in town.

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