Earlier this year at the Taste of the Nation culinary event in Montecito I spoke with Elaine Morello, co-owner of Olio e Limone Ristorante and Olio Pizzeria at 11 W. Victoria Street. She told me that Olio was planning to open a bar next door to their existing eateries. Reader Harriet says there is now a sign for “Olio Crudo Bar” at 11 W. Victoria #18 (in the old Herbal Spirit storefront) with a message that indicates the business will open this winter. For more information (there’s not much info right now) visit oliocrudobar.com.

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  1. FinSb says:

    Olio Crudo (uncooked meat) should be open by mid-February, according to the staff at Olio Pizzeria. Sounds like it should be a good addition to downtown!

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