A new service called Savor Santa Barbara Food Tours is offering a 2-mile, 3 1/2 hour walking adventure while tasting food, beer and wine, and also exploring some of the local architecture, history and sights of Santa Barbara. All food and drink tastings, enough for lunch, are included in the ticket price of $79. For more information call 800-979-3370 or visit

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  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    Not impressed; check out their website/the Funk Zone tour listing. I question Arch Rock’s sustainability, though I haven’t looked into it since they opened and never ate there because of it. (Mac’s I believe)

  2. Mari says:

    Their website isn’t even fully done. It still has the default content when you construct a website. I don’t know – if someone can’t get their site done and up before marketing it, it’s indicative of their “business” strategy. I hope they succeed but seriously, get your ish together!

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