Reader Dustin stopped by the Mesa Verde, a new cafe coming to 1919 Cliff Drive (formerly Cliff’s & Co.) He spoke with a contractor and was told that the new eatery will be a vegan restaurant.

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23 Responses to MESA VERDE UPDATE

  1. RexOfSB says:

    Oh, swell. I give it six months. It’s a much better site for a Der Wienerschnitzel.

    • Liz W says:

      Hey Rex. I think it was a Wienerschnitzel back in the day. My selfish preference would be a really good Vietnamese like the Noodle House or Mediterranean, but I wish him well. That building is a total disaster and will take a lot of money to bring it to life.

  2. Glenn says:

    Hmmm Chili Dog.

  3. Jen says:

    I can’t wait for this place to open! I heard the restaurateur is the chef of Sage Bistro, a wonderful and delicious vegan restaurant in LA. Either way, SB needs more veg options, and this will be a great addition to Adama, another excellent vegan restaurant downtown.

  4. B C. says:

    Meh. I’m with Liz W. on this one – Vietnamese Banh Mi & Phò or a good schwarma/gyro type place would be awesome. The problem is that with the money they will have to pour into the place just to open, it will probably end up being another $30 a head Italian place.. Even that would be more likely to be successful than a vegan place. Sorry vegans, there just aren’t enough of you to create a viable market in this town, and the rest of us… well, we just don’t generally eat vegan food when we can have the real thing instead… 🙂

  5. Emily says:

    There is already a great buzz about this place going on in
    the vegetarian community. I’m super stoked to have another vegan
    option in town!

  6. FinSb says:

    Sure seems like a vegan restaurant will be cutting itself off from a substantial percentage of potential customers…..

    • Kevin says:


      What, you don’t eat plants? That seems odd …

      • Irina B says:

        Very excited about this place opening! Really hoping it’s NOT just steamed tofu, etc. We Veggies actually have very high standards in today’s world, non vegetarians are always surprised at the variety of delicious food we eat! Hope everyone gives this place a chance!!

        Modern vegetarian and vegan food is actually MUCH more varied and flavorful than people often think! Plus, EVERYONE can eat at a vegan restaurant, no one at the table is left without options (picking at bread and lettuce.) something for everyone!

        • Kevin says:

          Q: What do you call a person who eats Vegan 80% of the time?

          A: An omnivore with a typical diet.

          • Ann says:

            If that were typical we’d be a lot better off than we are. Less global warming, less healthcare costs, less suffering. Maybe someday people will get it.

          • Dominic says:

            A bad hunter.

          • Kevin says:

            A bad hunter

            “Hunting” for pre-packaged steaks in the meat department doesn’t really count….

          • Robert says:

            That just shows you your ignorance of what Vegan is. You probably know about as much about it means by eating Vegan as you know about what is in the meats you eat, or what is in your daily diet. Like a Vegan person, even only 80% of the time( a human actually does best on80% Raw) ,would NEVER eat the typical foods of the average american in that OTHER 20%, like the standard chicken you probably eat. Even “FREE RANGE” claimed Chicken meat is suspect. A studied Vegan knows that a local grown chicken outdoors most of its life (free range legally means 1 hour per day outside their filthy wire foot ripping pens) has far less diseases, antibiotics needed if any, and their eggs have less cholesterol, and most of the time tastes better, as does the chickens meat. 1000 other things you need to read up on and digest before you speak about such a subject. And just so you know, I was a Top local Chef, here locally, and produced in the past some of the best Meat, poultry, fish dishes in Santa Barbara’s history, and my family is famous for BBQ back in Hill Country Texas, and I can say, you have no clue. I have done the research, and adjusted my lifestyle, and see that the american diet, my past diet, is idiotic. Just gluttony and stupidity of ideas on how the bulk of our food supply is made. There is NO nutrition, minerals LEFT in our soils also, and so how do you think you are eating food that nourishes you like this? …it has no possibility. By the way, the ONLY part of the protein that is missing from a Vegan diet, is B-12. This is made by a “FUNGUS” that grows in the stomach linings of animals. You can make it outside of an animal and consume as a food/supplement without all the grossness of the animal/raising/smelling/filthy/kill/butchering/blooddraining/carving/refrigerating/packaging/transporting/highcost/difficult digesting/fuel cooking/producted wasting/product sickening CHARACTERISTICS of all animals. ” JUST GROW A LITTLE CHEAP CLEAN SUPPLY OF FUNGUS !!! “

          • jeremy says:

            Robert wrote: “A studied Vegan knows that … free range legally means 1 hour per day outside”

            Studied Vegans need to study some more. The USDA free-range designation means that poultry have been allowed some access to the outdoors. However, there are no USDA requirements for how much time the poultry spend outdoors.

    • Kirk says:

      They said the same thing about the Sage Bistro in L.A., but it has been packed since it opened and now there are two other ‘knock-offs’ in the L.A. basin. If the food is great and the price is right, you don’t have to be vegan or vegin’ to dine there. Lots of people are becoming more conscious about their food choices even if they have not yet made the commitment to a totally plant-based diet.
      I know the owner of Mesa Verde and spoke to him this last weekend. Great guy and a kind man.They are opening in another month or so. They basically did have to rebuild, but he owns the place. He is also an architect and builder putting the thing together with his own crew.

  7. Colly says:

    Yes, there is a buzz!! Can hardly wait for some “real” food on the Mesa. I will certainly be a frequent guest.

  8. Brandon Bartlette says:

    I saw the sign and construction today and was stoked to see a veg/ vegan place going in on the mesa! I’m always wishing there was somewhere to go and fill up on guilt free healthy food. Adama is ok, I don’t find myself going there much though. Hopefully Mesa Verde will help fill this gap!

  9. Andrea says:

    The UN Department of Agriculture determined back in 2006 that meat consumption was the #1 human contribution of greenhouse gas – more than ALL transportation combined. So, before you hop in your Prius with the “Save the Ocean” bumper sticker on it to go get a burger, or even a “Grass-fed local organic. . . ” think twice. Vegan would be great, but how about even just eating Vegan the majority of the time? Is the taste of meat & cheese really worth our children’s viability on this beautiful planet?

  10. Karen Williams says:

    Does anyone have a date for Mesa Verde opening?


  11. liz imperato says:

    Hey, just ate at Mesa Verde. It was okay. Not great. I hope it works for them owners, very nice. He gave us free dessert. It was supposed to be a lemon tart but it was very disappointing, not sweet at all, and did not taste like lemon. It had a lot of different spices on it. Not really a dessert.

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