Reader Mike says he went to Javan’s at 938 Embarcadero Del Norte in Isla Vista for lunch and discovered they were gone. He says there’s a “thank you for 25 years of
support” sign on the door.

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3 Responses to JAVAN’S CLOSES

  1. Josh says:

    So long Javan’s, I will miss you. I felt like I never really left college because it felt like getting in a time machine when I would go back there and hang out. I had been going for the past 17 years, getting pretty much the same thing every time … Chicken club (#22) and fries. I don’t know what a tastier lunch could be. Especially with a pitcher of beer on their patio on a nice summer day.

    Here is hoping they fins a new spot in IV that can provide similar ambiance SOON.

  2. Becca says:

    I really liked their food and their prices. Im sad to read this!

  3. Scott says:

    I’ll really miss Javan’s. Please someone help them find a new home in IV!!

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