Reader John tells me that there has been lots of real estate action near the 500 block of State Street recently. Word is that Blue AgaveVerde and a third restaurant have all been sold.

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2 Responses to BUSY BLOCK

  1. Christine says:

    Geez, Verde just opened, didn’t it?

  2. Michael G. says:

    Here is an update on Verde’. The restaurant is serving, with working partner Chef Cris Rosemond helming the kitchen. The original food concept- upscale Mexican- is out. Cris produces solid Central Coast cuisine, using fresh, local ingredients and some remarkable nuances and flavors. The plates are always attractive and will make diners feel that they are having a special experience, whether it is a special occasion or not. It sounds like the partners are working on rebranding the restaurant as best they can with what they have inherited, but Cris is very likely to make a success of that process. The menus are posted on their website. I have personally tasted every single item on the menu and can assure the dining public that they will enjoy a visit to this restaurant.

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