bistrologoThis just in from Stella Mare’s bistro, 50 Los Patos Way, Montecito:

Hi John,

We recently made some seasonal changes to our menus and by popular request, added a great happy Hour, very similar as what is offered at Café Stella, but across the pond!… (Bird Refuge)

We are also featuring our great “los patos Burger”!!  Stella Mare’s bistro is now home of the (only?) Duck Burger (picture included) in town. You have to have one! …or duck sliders…great too.

Lots of new small plates on our new menu…tartines, baked goat cheese, bone marrow, tapenades, escargots and more!  And what about frog leg lollipops for happy hour? We have some too.

Same very reasonable prices and great casual décor. Major change…we did expand the outdoor terrace to accommodate more tables and happy hour patrons!!

Thank you!
Philippe Rousseau

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  1. jon says:

    Since they are located accross the street from the bird sanctuary, I assume the duck burger’s will be very fresh – too fresh.

  2. Charlotte says:


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